Saturday, September 20, 2014

My Nails Did in Five Minutes

Sometime there's time to do the things you know you want and deserve and then there are times when you just don't get those special moments.

I tell you; there is nothing like sitting in that wonderful massage chair at my nail salon to get my nails and feet done. There's just something about allowing someone to beautify you just a little bit more than you are right now. 

But those times when you don't have an available moment for it, there are always other options. 

For instance! Today, I had to wake up bright and early to drive up to Great Adventures Them Park to sing with the ATM Band. Sound check is early so we had to make sure to be there on time. Disappointedly, I didn't get a chance to get my nails done. But who says I can't have salon quality looking nails? 

I was able to put on my nail dresses by Kiss My Nails on and in less than five minutes, my nails look performance ready. Thank God for my affordable option. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

"The Intern" during Rush Hour in NYC

Friday night at the end of the work day in the Wall Street area, is when you see working men and women, running like speed racers to catch their buses and trains for home, friends rushing to get to happy hour at some local bar and tourists rushing to get to some pretty, cool NYC attractions in the area. 

The rush sort of reminds me of the movie "Rush Hour." It's action packed, somewhat funny when you think about it but minus the excitement because the getting home process can be somewhat difficult at times; especially when the traffic to get to the tunnel can often be backed up or when the train is standing room only yet, buskers still find room to dance and do cartwheels among the car passengers. Yet, we make it home in one piece, ready for the blessings of the weekend.

Today was no different. Rush hour came and I was like an Olympian running from my desk out the building, just to get to my next destination. Working men and women were in floods with the same mindset trying to get down Water Street. But something different happened today. Excitement! 

The film and camera crew of the upcoming movie, "The Intern," were stopping pedestrians from rushing like normal, so they could film a few of the scenes. 

Made sense. I mean, for Anne Hathaway and Robert DiNero to be portraying roles as part of a true working class in New York City, rush hour must be involved. Only, without the true working class, but instead with their own budgeted in $300,000,000 background extras. 

Not that I'm upset or anything, I mean, my bus stop was right across the street from where the scene was being shot. How do you get folks to stop rushing during rush hour so that a movie scene can be shot? Easy; you ask. 

Some kindly stop. I'd call those, the people who live in the neighborhood; but some rush to not miss their mode of transportation. These are the folks with kids or a life after work. They say that we New Yorkers are always in a rush. I guess you can call us mean. Yet, these are the mean streets of New York! 

Happy however to see something great happening in the area. Check out the movie, "The Intern" in theatres September of 2015. 

Prayers for Los Cabos

I will never forgot traveling to Los Cabos, Mexico with my sisters for an awesome vacation. 

What a place! Beautiful all around. The water, the sites, the weather; made me not only love it but constantly talk about the wonderful place it was to others. 

Now to hear of Hurricane Odile basically destroying it and trapping tourists in, leaves me with sorrow. 

Hurricane Odile was a category three storm. With it's 30 mile winds, it knocked out power and left people struggling to find food and water. 

As much as I loved the land I got to know only for a short while, I can honestly say that my heart is torn to hear of this tragedy. Let's keep the dwellers of Cabo San Lucas in prayer. For as visitors, we come in and out but those who live there have to remain and deal with all the destruction and loss. May God bless Los Cabos. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Joints Still Be Jumping

"Music brings life to the world" - Donald Sangster

"The joints are jumping" never seemed more like a relevant term than it did tonight when I saw it for myself before my eyes. 

Music blaring in the air. Sax blows. Bass thumps. Drum rolls. Key strokes. Waltzing. 

The scene inside of Jazz 966 located at 966 Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY looked like one that would be in an old 1940s jazz movie; only it's today's time. Though the times have changed tremendously, one thing stands clear; jazz music is housed in the hearts of many. 

Every Friday night at 8pm, Brother Harold Valle of the Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium hosts 966 Jazz shows; a different act each week with something new to love about it each time. 

The program was founded and put together by Sam Pinn; primarily for the senior population. Makes sense why the room literally jumps;  most of the jazz enthusiasts (mostly comprised of a mature, adult crowd) dance the night away to the different jazz styles that the musicians play. But whether you are young or old, you will enjoy the ambience of the room. Very cool atmosphere! Music rings and pure enjoyment is the only response. 

And if you don't believe me, take it from
Barbara who said she danced so
Much that her hips would be hurting in the morning, but that the experience was worth it. Cool thing to know that someone can go to a joint right here in NYC and for a low cost, walk into a room filled with quality music, eat good food, and crowd the dance floor and do the lindyhop and/or other jazz dances through the night. 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

9-11, A Day I'll Never Forget (A. Poem)

9-11, A Day I'll Never Forget

We walked it like soldiers in fight
No calmness though as dark as night
We marched in terror with our strength
Hoping to make it all the way

We saw it from the window view
Toppling of buildings to their doom
And those within stayed within
And those without scattered about

The city that never sleeps that day in slumber
Lives lost pierced as loud as rolling thunder 
No emergency broadcast tests this time
For it was as real as Pearl Harbor;  "Run for your lives."

And news reports embedded images in our mind
Some that will last forever in time
World trade gone into shreds and debris
I saw burnt paper in Brooklyn from the twins drift over me

And we cried and we prayed and our faith left in doubt
When them planes took the beauty of our skyline down 
And all the streets empty and fear filled the land
For a day that no one had foreseen coming

But thank God we had heroes willing to risk life to save
Lord bless the souls of the lives lifeless in that grave
For in that space the towers stood before it stood no more
911 is a day that we just cannot ignore

(Poem written by Stephanie Jeannot) 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Bossa Nova

I have heard Shirley Horn sing before. Her voice us very mellow and pretty. She creates a soothing sound that the ears can just love. 

What I did not know about her is that she also played the keys and played it very well. I discovered this fact when I started watching this "Antonio Carlos Jobim All-Star Tribute."

What music! Everything about this program is cool. The sounds. The round up of artists and the mere fact that the concert is hosted by Herbie Hancock. 

The diva thing will always stand out to me. Just one more thing to love and appreciate about music. You never know what new and exciting thing you will come across; even if it is something that is old like this 1995 DVD. 


Tuesday, August 5, 2014

On the Poetry of Sean Battle

Poetry to me is like animating words and making them dance. The words can shimmy, drop it like its hot, and get fancy like ballet and leave you feeling intrigued. So when you add the poet sharing that unraveling of thought before a crowd, the experience is simply amazing. 

That was the thought I had when Sean Battle stepped on to the scene at the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights. He walked into the venue ready to have a good time but little did I know the good time he was about to bring into the Brooklyn scape from New Jersey. 

His image was like a school professor before a class ready to teach. His introduction drew you in immediately. His words were clear and concise and his energy was so catchy that he had the whole room electrified. 

He is inspiring to other poets in a sense because he lets them know that you do not have to say
Much to get your poetry across. He proved this even more when he was a featured poet at the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights in May 2014. 

He used the right words and phrasings, which was what made his poetry stand out. Battle made the difference with his individuality and his awesome energy. And his poetry was tight. He is definitely a poet I'd support when showcasing anywhere. 

You can check him out live at the Dodge Poetry Festival's Lunchtime Poems Seriesst a Military Park, NJ. For more information on this incredible talent, visit his website at 

Please check out the following youtube clip from the Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights: