Thursday, August 25, 2016

Enjoy Life by Stephanie Jeannot & Mike LeShore

New Music by independent recording artist, 

Stephanie Jeannot from NYC entitled "Enjoy Life."

Lyrics by Stephanie Jeannot and music by Mike LeShore.

Promo art by Melodiaz Creations/ 

Check out song here:

For more information about this artist, visit her website at

Thursday, August 18, 2016

My Favorite Way to Cool Off from the Summer Heat

In the heat of the day, when the sun is the warmest, I like to interrupt the train of sweat surging from my pores with the raging waters of the ocean. I enjoy shaking off the catatonic heat of hot summer days on the beach.

So I travel during these times when the rays of the beaming sun starts to drain my power, and try to remain grateful for the warm weather I asked for, though I complain a little bit because I start feeling hotter than a broiling beef rib. Instead, I exploit the momentum of the season where sand faces refreshing waters that I can swim in. Hot and humid days offer this opportunity and what a great one to revel in.

Through the hustle and bustle of New York city traffic I race desperately in pursuit of being tossed back and forth by the waves of the sea as it spirals out of control in its tide.  I feel this deep satisfaction after I park my car and walk on to the boardwalk and see this beautiful view of nature, not fashioned by human hands. 

There’s no treading lightly on the sand because it is so hot I want to run for relief for my feet. I am usually successful at finding a spot to set up my little claimed territory on the sand and suddenly, I am laying there on my beach blanket reading the works of Pliny while listening to Miles Davis Bitch the jazz Brew on his trumpet.

Next move is to feel God’s water on my body. What a great way to shake off the heat that has taken over it! Just putting my feet in the water makes an indelible impact on me. I always have this grand illusion that the water should be warm because of the piping hot weather but, what a wonderful problem to have.

The water is my antidote to the poisonous humidity. I steep in it like a cinnamon apple spice tea bag and am refreshed. The waters fit snuggly into my taste buds. People all around me with the same idea are all having a wonderful time. Throwing myself into the pull of the water suddenly mends everything because once I come out, the heat seems irrelevant and the sand, no longer so hot that I have to run through it with my sandals to avoid its hot temper. I can embark on its stretch shoeless.

When I go to the beach, no longer am I parched for a relief from the summer heat. Sure it is a fleeting pleasure but I must say, jumping in to the waters of any ocean is my favorite way to stay cool.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Writers Reads worth the share

I remember when my teacher used to send us home in the summertime with an assignment to read ten books before we returned to school. 

    (From Mamakat writing prompt email

Imagine being a kid and all you want to do is play outside but instead, you are forced to stop all the fun and games to read. I didn't like it much back then, but now, I think I have read 20 already this summer.

My favorites so far are:

"This is How You Lose Her" 
by Junot Diaz
"God Help the Child" 
by Toni Morrison
by Junot Diaz
"I Would Die For You"
By Toure

My love for reading actually grew this year while researching to write my college thesis. But thank God for a passion that actually is good for me and for wonderful thoughts and memories to share. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Peacefully Flowing Water & Raccoons

When I was in Montreal, I noticed something different about that city that I found interesting. 

Every other block you turn, there is water running as an attraction. Yes, it is beautiful but smelling the water also changed my breathing each time I passed by one of the freely, flowing water sources. 

I think the clearer breathing makes your mind also operate differently and you fall under the spell of its calmness and suddenly, you are no longer walking a tight rope and stressed at everything around you and regressing your anger to your next undeserving victim. 

The reason I say that is because, I visited Mont Royal, which is one of the highest peaks in the second most populous Francophone speaking country of the world, and up there, you can see the entire city. 

Back at home, I heard about a 76-year-old man who was bitten in several places by a raccoon in A heavily wooded park in Morris County which I thought was really interesting. 


While on Mont Royal, amongst all the people gathered around and taking pictures of Montreal were raccoons. Huge ones. 

They were just walking around peacefully among the people, not harming anybody and definitely not trying to bite any of the unprovoking tourists seeing the spectacular view right next to them. Had it been in New York, the next day would feature a news report about someone having been bitten and being tested for rabies. Then it made me think. 

We need more water freely flowing everywhere. Water is like a magic potion I think; freely and naturally flowing and all of a sudden, you smell it and it opens your mind.  I think it changes the nature of everyone and everything. Talk about peacefully flowing. 

Just a thought! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sweating for Photos

Nothing like a little bit of walking and sweating to get to old Montreal and see the most beautiful building (in my opinion anyway) that I have seen in Montreal.

What: Basilique Notre Dame Montreal 
Where: 110 Rue Notre Dame O, Montreal, QC H2Y1T2, Canada
When: Construction on building was completed in 1843 
Who: Architect, James O'Donnell 
Why: To create a bigger gathering place for the growing congregation on the church of Notre Dame which was built in 1672 and was the first cathedral of the diocese of Montreal. 

Ironically, I had been sweating for great photos and I got some; feet hurting and all. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Antiquated Music Love

I am a music lover and have loved it ever since my time began.

I didn't just lie in bed in the dark one night thinking about it, to realize I was in love with music. It simply stared back at me with wide, admiring eyes when I ejected out into my first light of day and it settled in my heart like a plate full of poutine to an American, the first time trying it in Canada. 

What I didn't expect was for musical machinery such as the Walkman, to be considered museum displays only years after I used to enjoy it. 

I feel like a person imprisoned by age trying to escape getting old, only to watch time slivering by as cold as a snake. This is not a deliriously, funny joke; this is real life, roaring past and I am still a student getting discounts for learning from the school of life and it's deficiencies. 

Music is a short term breather. A recycling of old, repressed feelings that stayed stored up behind the bars that are catching me shriveling away. Sexy music of today that hit and run by to tomorrow until it becomes yesterday, and today's museum exhibits. 

And still I lie here giddy with love, dreaming of wedding bells ringing as I approach the aisle with music by my side as music's bride, doing the marriage walk into a third-degree type of coffee hot romance with a flush of confidence, only to be awakened by the cleaning service. 

I awaken, still antiquating and music still a love that though it's artifacts grow old, the romance never expires. 

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Sparks of Nouveau Energie

Take off for destination moon. We reached the air and there was nothing but blue skies. Thank God for the sunny weather. And also for the empty seats. One for me and one for my spirit to experience the cabin pressure's calmness as it began its recharging. 

"What a way to adjust my mask," you say! "What a way to face away from reality," you say! "Definitely," I respond. "I needed to attend to my mental needs. How long can I carry all this baggage without putting it down for a rest to power back up for the remainder of the run?" 

Here I am standing around where I can see everything for what it is. The world from the clouds looks so small when you consider the universe. The baggage came from me just peering out from one window. But when you vacate from the mundane, you realize life est plus grande than the one channel that your mind is used to. Change, il est importante. 

And so, to someplace different I scatter. Through clear skies I fly. Canada is where I land. And all of a sudden, I am incredibly happy experiencing a wonderfully different kind of rhythm to my life. Ironically, I am finding footing on sparks of nouveau energy in the 72 degree moment. 

Bienvenue energie!