Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I Appreciate God for Making Me A Musician

I appreciate music. But never considered myself a musician until I considered that my main instrument was hand-made by God. Imagine that!

It's funny!  I remember when I was kid, my parents gave me a keyboard and I would always toil with it every now and again but always focused on my voice more; and writing. I am a poet first; since grade school. 

I guess you can say my limited piano skills help me to create tracks because I am a songwriter who loves to write not only lyrics but the music behind it. Like in this song "Appreciate;" a song to honor and thank God for the wonderful talent of being a musician. It was created with Cakewalk Sonar and my Korg Triton LE (straight up audio). Check it out here:


Jeannot, Vocals and Piano.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Passion Run Wild (a poem)

Whoever said it was easy to have a song
bursting out your seams
when you're not on the scene 
of that foreseen dream
but on another theme
at your desk doing the 9 to 5 scheme
when you feel it soul deep
that one thing that makes you complete, 
knows what it's like 
to be living with a passion. 

Who cares to see tears flow?
Passersby don't care to know.
Might consider you crazy though!
Not knowing what you crying for. 
Yet that one thing in your core;
that very thing your heart yearns for
turns your 9 to 5 into undesired labor
and pierces at your chambers 
yet you must endure;
while fighting back tears and 
dreaming about your passion. 

The alarm sounds and starts you on your daily grind
but all you want to do is live your dream and fly; 
acting it out in your mind
with HD colors like a movie screen; paradise. 
Still you force yourself to do what's required
to survive in this world even if life don't come with a smile; 
and just to make it through without breaking, you pray all the while
because your dreams seem to continuously awaken your innerchild. 
And that song in your heart, untriedly breaks through running wild
your individuality that builds your profile
while that song and dance never stops creeping in your mind 
until you give in to live that passion REM trialed. 

(I am a singer and songwriter with a passion for music and a lot of times write love songs about music; my first love. Like the song "Passionate Breeze." I posted the song on my Reverbnation page. Please check it out here: http://www.reverbnation.com/stephanayjnote/song/20069530-passionate-breeze )

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Twirls of Swirls and Trumpet Curls (A Poem)

Twirls of Swirls and Trumpet Curls (A Poem)
(C) By Stephanie Jeannot

The mic was peaking like the Kilimanjaro;
killing ears and causing peers to steer
and flooding river beds til fixed. Started trends
of dance phases and booty shakes until the end 
of the song escaping from the falsetto send.

The harmony started calming me
but was stopped when the alarm in me
was set off by rain pouring over me
from a twirling being doing circus tricks;
trumpet twirls that landed spit
all over my face. That's what I call a true taste
ofcalls and escapes, when I got a case 
of slob on my face, that from my mind will never be erased

Friday, April 4, 2014

3:4 Music Roll (Poetry)

I missed a day of poetry within this national poetry month which inspired the title of this poem: 3:4 Music Roll. Please read and enjoy.

3:4 Music Roll
By Stephanie Jeannot

I can't stand the rainof 
Or Monday mornings
Or snow cleaning
Or having doubts 
Or being sick
Or being stuck
Without a paycheck
Or experiencing blues
Or all the bad news
On the news
That give me blues
And attitudes
On Monds and Tues
Those working days
Of routined grooves 
That seem to loop
Around the course
our money source 
And ways of life
Or ways to climb
The mountain side
But what I do love
I think I need more of
Days of sun
And music love
For perfect is
The day that brings
A melody
The chemistry
The energy
That I receive
Just seems so me
Like a pure need
To wash away
The blues of day
Music makes
Everything okay

Have an awesome Friday. That you might experience joy in your day. Please check out my original tune Fluttering here: http://www.reverbnation.com/stephanayjnote/song/18664722-fluttering 

That the content of it, may wash over your day and bring a smile to your face. Enjoy!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Unsettled Rhythm (A Poem)

This past winter 2014 and the coming of spring has left my body somewhat unsettled. It is like 60 degrees in the morning and the idea forms that I can shield of all these layers the cold weather forces one to wear; and then all of a sudden, you are without the layers and the evening of the very same day has below freezing temperatures.  How does one dress and how does one proceed when the weather is like this in order to not get sick? Can I remove my mask and feel comfortable? 

So then the body gets these ailments and now you are okay one minute and the next minute sneezing, coughing and so tired, you spend days in bed as if you had not slept in weeks.  The beginning months of 2014 have definitely been unsettling. The following is a poem written, based on this idea and how the changing of seasons has gotten the best of me.
I slept more in the past week than I slept in the past three months. That is definitely not me at all.  Doctor Soandso prescribed medicine which I hate taking and finally, I have come into healing. I am not as tired as I was when I was sick and I am no longer sniffling or coughing like I had been. Also, my head is not pounding as much. Thank God!
While boredom took flight when my body was so tired from being sick, all I felt the energy to do was to be in my bed; Definitely left me with more time to write. I guess you can call this a transformation of a season, person or situation. Or; a release of the coldness of winter out of my body or heart to renew my mind and spirit for spring. Or; the ending of March and the coming of April. Or; the start of the writing to come in National poetry month. It’s here, and this is where I start to say farewell to the old and welcome in the new:

Unsettled Rhythm

It’s in the touch of your magic
that sends me over.
Never thought I’d be
thinkin’ bout tomorrow
just looking in somebody’s eyes.
Who am I
to want something so amazing?
Hope it was more than just chasing;
then I would be
more than satisfied.
Yet, nothing is settling.
The rhythm keeps echoing
and thoughts of you just
circling ‘round my mind
‘cause for a long time
all I’ve seen is you
by my side
and wish that I
could make it my
permanent vibe
Walking dreams awake;
by that I mean,
Love with you settling in my day.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Brooklyn Celebrates Women's History Month

March is Women's History Month and is a month that honors not only the women who came before us and have made history but also to celebrate those who are using their God-given talents today and sharing it with the world. 

MOCADA MUSEUM - Art of African Women

To be a Brooklynite and to come across events of this nature is great. Right here in my home town!

For instance; while waiting to connect with a few friends this evening at Brooklyn Moon, I decided to visit the Mocada Museum on Hanson Place and South Portland Street in Brooklyn, NY and saw an awesome exhibit of art by Women from Africa displayed. 

This display will be up until April 1, 2014. So please make your way there to check out some of the awesome pieces that will blow you away. For more information on Mocada Museum, please visit their website at www.mocada.org


Last Thursday, March 20, 2014 at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, NY, Jazz Poetry Cafe featured live music by The Musiqal Ones Band, some awesome poetry and dancing and was hosted by singer, Stephanay JNote and poet, Ras Osagyefo. 

It was a beautiful event where poetesses like Professor Carolyn Jones of Medgar Evers got onto the stage and shared poetry from deep, down within. Poetry with a beautiful dance to her spoken word by Arielle Adamy added that much energy to an already electric performance. 

Not to mention her rendition of Sarah Vaughan's Tenderly, who would have celebrated her 90th birthday on March 27, 2014. 

If you weren't there, please be sure to make it out to the next Jazz Poetry Cafe at 9pm on Thursday, April 24, 2014 at Brooklyn Nights located at 497 Dekalb Avenue in Brooklyn, NY.  

CAFA FILM NIGHT - Women's History a Month Edition

The CAFA Film Night - Women's History Month Edition held on March 28, 2014 at Nicholas located on Fulton Street in Brooklyn, NY was an amazing event that started at 7:30pm and ran til about 11pm. 

Films included in this series were by women from different parts of the Caribbean. It was really nice seeing different parts of the world, even in such a brief bit of time, yet still getting to enjoy pieces of culture from all the different regions of the Caribbean. It reminded me of being in a classroom with the discussions on each of the films after each viewing. 

Docket 32357 was one of the films showed. Great opportunity tonight to see Docket 32357, a film that pretty much in a nutshell left the audience knowing that you never know who you will meet and how they can change your life in a mere few seconds. Happy to have been able to speak with and vibe with the brainstorm behind it; playwright, Elion Wardall. Really great film. Look forward to seeing more. 

Make sure to check out the web based series at www.docket32357.com
And also, visit caribbeanfilm.org to find out the schedule for future film festivals as this is a monthly event. 

Also, please come out to Nicholas Brooklyn located at 570 Fulton Street in Brooklyn on Saturday May 10, 2014 for their open mic. Opening up the show at 7pm will be Stephanay JNote and friends followed by open mic and poetry from 8pm to 11pm. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jazz Poetry Cafe at Brooklyn Nights on March 20, 2014 9pm

On March, 20, 2014

Please come out to

Brooklyn Nights 
497 Dekalb Avenue
(Corner of Franklin Avenue)
Brooklyn, NY

For Jazz Poetry Cafe

A fusion of live jazz music (featuring Carl Bartlett Jr (saxophone), Wayne Holmes (keys), Stephanay JNote (vocalist), Jazz-E-Matt (vocalist), Shinya Miyamoto (drums)), poetry (featuring Ras Osagyefo, Eric Crow Draven, Wayne Russell, Jodi Allen and Professor Carolyn Jones) and poetry of the foot, more commonly known as dancing (performances by Arielle Adamy and Nyeesha Padmore).

The event will begin at 9pm and ends at midnight. $10 admission. 

Come out and help to celebrate not only the beauty if jazz, song and dance, but international women's history month and also the new season of spring entering into this here 2014. It's gonna be a great night of energy and I hope to see you all there tomorrow night, March 20, 2014.

 God Bless you!