Saturday, March 12, 2011

Addicted to the Lines

It was in Seventh grade when my teachers would be at the board teaching a subject, and I would be at my desk writing my heart away in the back of my notebook. Decades later, my attitude has not changed. I love to write.

Imagine my relief when I came across Associated Content. Associated Content is a platform directed at writers where they can write and share their work with other like-minded individuals. You can write articles, poems, recipes, songs, videos or even sideshows that are representative of you, and share it with the on-line community. The best part about this website is that you receive an incentive every month. Imagine, getting royalties for something you love to do. If you like to write just as a hobby, then you get a little something for doing what you love and the opportunity to get reader feedback to find out how you can improve. For me, it is a big help to know how effective my writing skills are and how I can improve them. To me, that makes it all worth it. If you love to write as much as I do, you definitely should join this website. It is so cool. Join the excitement by visiting this link: or clicking on the following icon Join the Yahoo! Contributor Network.

If you have the time, read some of my articles and poetry at

That's not the only website geared towards writers. is such a cool website. We all use different types of products and services and often need to know information on someone else's experience. It is important sometimes to do research on a camera that we see for dirt cheap in a circular before buying it and finding out that it was not the best product you could have used your money to buy. Epinions is that site for individuals interested in writing about their experiences and earning a monthly incentive. Other like-minded individuals or others looking for information can access what you have written and rate it. So you don't only write, you get feedback on how your presentation was written, which is really cool for up and coming writers like me.

I would be honored if you would check out my epinions page at and if you like what you see, join the community. It is fun and it pays; Literally. Hope to epinion with you soon.

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  1. I liked your reviews of Inception and For Colored Girls. I've been afraid of watching For Colored Girls because I feared Tyler Perry did not do a good job translating it to the screen. I will watch it, though, on your recommendation!