Tuesday, June 7, 2011

An Enhanced View at Independence Day in New York, 2011

The first Monday in July, 2011

That day of summer joy will be Independence day

A day of sun, family and friends

A night of fireworks over Lady Liberty

What will you do in New York to celebrate her 125th anniversary?

Will you celebrate the beauty of her spirit by reading

“Emma's Poem: The voice of the Statue of Liberty" by Linda Glaser and Claire A. Novala?

Poetry of that beautiful structure that stands on Ellis Island sounds great.

Get your copy
here of their work of her history.

Will you cut a juicy watermelon or barbecue spare ribs?

Will you enter the Nathan’s hot dog eating contest in Coney Island?

Will you bake in the sun at Manhattan beach

And take a swim in some of Brooklyn’s finest water?

What a good way to celebrate this great day of summer.

Or maybe you be at the classic car show in Saratoga’s Congress Park Plaza.

http://www.saratogajuly4th.com/index.htm for more info on Saratoga All American Celebration.

Will you gaze into the sky

To watch fireworks light up over the city?

Will you enjoy the day of celebration with family?

Will you be at the party on the flight deck of the Intrepid

Taking in the Macy’s fireworks show?

Will you be watching the movie

Independence Day on Widescreen?

Get your copy of Independence Day

and watch it in the comfort of your own home?

Who doesn’t love Will Smith in his air force suit

Defending the earth from an alien invasion?

But that is definitely not the day to be sitting on the couch

Playing all your favorite games on the play station.

Will you be at the four hour top shelf happy hour

At the Hudson Terrace party?

Viewing party will be on West 46th between 11th ad 12th avenue


http://hudsonterracenyc.com/nightlife/?p=event&i=5 for more info.

Will you start your day in the Cazenovia New York

5 mile to 10 mile races on the morning of July 4th, bright and early.

What a great way to start your Independence day.

Register by June 24th to take part. Visit
http://www.caz4thrun.org/ to run in the race.

Whatever you do on July 4th this year

Make sure it is filled with fun and joy

Get up and have a ball all the day long

But don’t forget your sunscreen and water replenishments

That you might spend it in dancing in the sun

Enjoying summer’s warm weather and time with family and friends.

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