Saturday, June 4, 2011

Running for a Higher Purpose All Over The World

Everybody has their passion. There is that one thing for everybody, which seems to bring a genuine smile to the face. For me, it is singing. Some people love to dance. Others enjoy running.
The idea of a love for running was no surprise to me. My best friend in college was on the track team and he was an amazing runner. I had a young cousin who in her high school days would accomplish incredible feats on the track field. For some, running is their life.
On Saturday, May 21st, 2011, there was a half marathon in Brooklyn, NY.  Over 8,000 runners gathered to run 13.1 miles across Brooklyn. The race began at 7AM in Prospect Park and ended on Coney Island’s boardwalk. Some of the running clubs that took part were Van Cortland Track Club, ING, Central Park Track Club, New York Flyers, Dashing Whippets, Prospect Park Track Club and Christian Runners Group.
I became very interested when one of the many runners from the Christian Runners group stopped and told me about their organization. The Christian Runners do not only run in marathons in groups, but run throughout different cities in entire groups and encourage others to come and run or walk. Their organization’s headquarter is in Atlanta, but they have locations around the United States and Canada and overseas.
The important thing is to get out there and do it to give your heart that love it needs. Maybe you have found interest in gaining running stamina but never pursued it. Or perhaps you or someone you love has found a desire to do more walking but hasn’t felt comfortable going alone. The Christian Runners Organization has found a way to make a difference in that. They run together to further the kingdom of God. They seek fellowship and encourage like a family would to fight against that deadly disease known as heart disease that take so many lives unnecessarily. I’m actually thinking about getting up one morning to do their 7AM session. They have different distances for runners and walkers and I can appreciate that.  But first, I think I might pick up a good pair of sneakers.
It has been said that after running on the same pair of sneakers for about six months, the support is no longer there.  I like Ryka sneakers. Have you ever tried them?  I have flat feet and they have a great arch.  Ryka sneakers seem to have just the right amount of support for my ankles and ever since I was introduced to them by Avon back in 2003, I have been wearing Ryka faithfully. Check out the full line of  Ryka Sneakers  at Amazon. Hopefully you’ll find the right running sneaker for you also.
The thought of running aside the Belt Parkway in Brooklyn seems pretty interested but I am not much of a runner. So I’ll walk sometimes and run sometimes. And you can join too. Check out their website at to find out when and where the next meet up run/walk will be in your area and sign up to be a part. Maybe I’ll see you there some day.

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