Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Layoff Chronicles: How to Survive One; A Poem

Busy working, working hard
No time to dream upon the shooting stars
The only time had is to honor the punched card
Even though it’s been years in that position you’ve been parked

Side of the life cleaning of the dust and the cobwebs
Ticketed for not knowing your right from your left
Now you feel as if you are the victim of a theft
Because you only looked your history and not at the life that’s left

So technology came in and stepped up its game
It’s your turn to bat to try to swing and make it safe
The only thing stopping you is that you’re starting to decay
You never thought about the new world on the way.

So now you are forced to come into the new
Your belief system determines the outcome, but if you fail you are screwed
Now you walk around town crying and feeling blue
Because you feel your length of service guarantees it to you

Though seniority should gear respect in the oncoming transition
The company now puts you in a rush to win the election
Because in order to keep what you have in your present situation
You have to be able to handle a new position

So they call you in and say a layoff is in your future
The cuts and bruises and hurt cannot be sutured
In the dictionary there is no word other than layoff that is uglier
Because not only does it destroy lives, it makes you feel less worth

You worked hard and dedicated all of your time
You were there every day and doing the work right
 You were there for the long run and enjoying the long ride
Until one day out of nowhere, restructuring comes to swipe

It is happening everywhere these days and all
Where companies merge with another or when companies fall
And departments at a time get the layoff call
And you find yourself crying to yourself in the privacy of a bathroom stall

It hit close to home and even happened to me
A shop steward, hardworking employee and the department’s baby
I was given the option to stay or leave
But my life would change regardless of my plea

What was worst was I had to share it with my work crew
They were much older folks and much wiser too
A test would determine their smooth transition into the new
Excel was the cause of some people’s insanity letting loose.

But now we are in the new world and doing okay
Some left with a package while some decided to stay
No longer union or the shop steward but now in a new day
Maybe it was intended for things to happen this way

We can cry about changes that are the only constants in life
I know; it came and totally turned around the smooth running of mine
But it is not the end of the world, just a start of different times
But always remember that God is on your side

My suggestion to you:  learn and keep up to date
Stay positive and don’t let doubt step in the way
Because it is hard to be laid off and not have a steady income rate
And it can be hard to keep positive if laid off when you have a family to raise

Remember to do your research to find out about unemployment benefits
Update your resumes and look for work that you might feel comfortable with
But most of all, keep yourself busy so that during your hardship, you don’t lose it
With God on your side, You have all that it takes to get through this.

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