Sunday, July 10, 2011

Organic Band

Something goes on in my head when I think about the band Organic. You might be wondering, Who’s that? Just to let you know, they are a band of musicians and singers from NYC with heart and style. They come from different walks of life but come together on the thing they love the most and do it well as a family.

Who Is Organic?

In this crazy mixed up world, while things can break you down and bring water to your eyes, a group of talented individuals like those in the Organic band are just the thing that can make the difference in relaxing your mind. That is the one thing that had me going in circles when I first became a member of Organic. Organic is that band that has that natural strong flow of life in it; created to bloom in the hearts of others.

Organic Band members include Michael Collins who is the band’s keyboardist and musical director.

Also in the band are Phillip Smith on guitar, Ozzie Jones Jr on bass, Martin King on drums, Arielle Adamy on vocals and Stephanie Jeannot on vocals. We work together on cover songs from the sixties, seventies, eighties, nineties, today’s music, Motown and top 40 music. But we don’t just play the songs, we play them with a touch of incredible love that overflows in the sound that guests come back once more and again to capture.

Have you caught any of the organic shows yet? You should because Organic is an incredible band. You will hear some of your favorite songs being covered well and also receive a great stage performance. There is no sitting around just staring at the band while they are on the stage. No, the crowd is usually up, singing along, dancing and having a great time. When the storms of life are threatening, taking in one of Organic Band’s shows just seems like the perfect thing to get you back on track.

Videos From Past Performances

Here are just some of the videos from their previous shows.

Do I Do Cover

Martin King Drum Solo

Organic Band Instrumentalists Jam

What’ Love Got To Do Cover

At Last

Live Organic Reggae Jam Session


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