Thursday, January 5, 2012

JNotes of Poetry's First of 52

JNotes of Poetry's First of 52 is a series of poetry: one a week. My goal is to write a lot of poetry about random things and to hopefully come across many of the world's other great writers and poets. How about joining me in the one a week poetry writing challenge?  Here is my first installment.
Dying for a Cup of Your Coffee
by Stephanie Jeannot
I’m losing sleep
Thinking about your unique design
Wondering where you are
And hoping for sweet simple seconds
Of breathing in your angelic caffeine

I’m losing hope
Wandering where you are not
Wishing to be in your midst
On one of heaven's sparkling star s

That shine bright in the midnight blue sky

I’m losing me
Holding on to this image
A thousand words simply reruns in my mind
And somehow I stare into your big brown eyes
As I lay awake craving your smile to be linguistically intertwined with mine

I'm losing control of the measure and equilibrium
All I want is a taste of your chocolate sweet instrum
And to dance to the jazz sounds like we were in a club
I feel your rhythm inside my heart but that's just not enough
If you are not in harmony with my trust.

I’m losing patience
Because all I want to do is tell it
How hard would it be for me to spell it
When my spirit simply dwells in interest
And it's odd but I just can't help it
Because I’m dying for a cup of your coffee.

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