Monday, January 2, 2012

Last Minute: A Poem

Last minute: A Poem
by Stephanie Jeannot

Such anticipation at the last minute as folks await the coming of the new day
That minute when old changes to new and the ancient is left behind
That second when baby steps are made into a world unknown
The future is here – yesterday’s tomorrow and now’s then

What a rush to beat the traffic to get things in prior to deadlines
Always a crowd at that moment when we need to get there fast
For we look at time ahead as far away though traveling at speed
Sometimes we miss our exit because at the wheel we fell asleep

How I wish that we could rewind back to just a minute ago

To relive what once was and make an even smoother flow
Into today’s yesterday and tomorrow’s today
Exiting the old hooptie days for the pre-owned delays

My resolution then is very simple yet far fetched
So distant that I traveled to the limits of its reach
And then paused to take a breath and missed my exit once again
And was forced to drive ten miles to make a U-turn back to the plans

But this time I think I’ve got it because I know just what I want
I can no longer live in yesterday’s today barely missing my call
And so I’ve decided to plan and try to do better
Sing, write and love at a 3:3 measure
Because it’s my day, my time’s now’s then
I’ve decided to make the calendar my very best friend.
And the ball slid down the stand where fate resided
In excitement we know that tomorrow is in time with it
A new second, minute, hour, day, year newly arrived
“Happy new year,” said my new best friend, when the ancient time had died.

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