Sunday, January 22, 2012

Morning Joe

I love a good cup of coffee. It has been said that a good cup of coffee is one that you can drink without any sugar, sweeteners or milk.  Oddly enough, that is my favorite way to drink it. One cup of plain, black coffee is never enough. Often I have two or three cups a day.  
My love for the brew all happened about two years ago during the season of Lent. As part of my cultural tradition, we give up something for the 40 days of the season that ends with Easter. And so, I decided to give up sugar thinking that was the stronghold that kept me drinking coffee.  That’s when I came to find that it was not the sugar at all, but the coffee that I loved.  Since then, I have stopped adding sugar to my coffee and have found a joy in drinking my coffee black.  Even when I visit my favorite Starbucks, I have been avoiding getting caramel macchiato like I used to and instead have found myself getting a venti extra bold or a venti pike. The former was once my favorite drink and has now become way too sweet for me to drink.
While I was celebrating my most recent birthday, a wonderful friend of mine gave to me a Starbucks gift card which has become my favorite thing to carry around.  With it, I have become a member of a club of coffee freaks who hoard on the ultimate daily coffee experience.  Whenever the card runs out, I simply reload and use it and indulge in not only the coffee but also the perks. I never expected to become one of these people and lately, if I don’t have my cup of coffee, my day has not truly begun correct.
On my last visit to Starbucks, the company gave out free samples of a new coffee blend with an exciting personality. Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend comes in a 2 oz package which makes a fabulous pot of coffee for an entire family.  I am one who loves the bold taste of coffee and never really go for the medium blends, but I really enjoyed this one. For one, it is mellow. It also has a really smooth taste that anyone can enjoy.

Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend is freshly roasted 100% Arabica Coffee with a light body. It is very flavorful and doesn’t leave an aftertaste.  It is not too bold and just right for the morning cup. Plus, it is easy to make by simply adding the Latin American blended beans into the coffeemaker and letting the machine do the work.
I will definitely be adding Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend to my list of favorites and on my next visit, my mind may be torn between the Pike and this one, because it is really good. Don’t hesitate to try it if you are a coffee lover.  It might even win the non-traditional coffee drinkers who go to Starbucks for the flavored drinks only. I used to be one of them but have found reason to believe that coffee was invented just for me because I love it. It’s even better when you can have one of Starbucks many awesome blends and get the true taste of the coffee itself without having to add anything to it to make it flavorful. Starbucks Blonde Veranda Blend already has that personality.  Try it for yourself.

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