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Movie Review: "One For The Money:" Now in theatres

What a great afternoon to go to the movies and catch up on films that I might have overlooked.  I see the commercials, but it is not always at the top of my to-do list to go sit in an expensive seat at the movie theatre. But today was different.  It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday; a great day to take my week-long neglected Accord out for a spin, and it was the birthday of my baby cousin. And so to the movies we went.

The line at the Loews movie theatre seemed so long today.  Luckily, not many are interested in purchasing their tickets at the machines inside; and so I was first on the self-service line and got our tickets with the swiftness. We decided on One For The Money; a movie that we both really enjoyed.

Background Info About the Movie

One For the Money was released into the US movie theatres on January 27, 2011 which was a little surprising to me with all the empty seats I saw at Loews. But perhaps, inconsistent movie goers like me might not have been aware that this PG13 movie featured 106 minutes of great footage and pure excitement.

The main character of the movie is Stephanie Plum, a 30-year old recently divorced and laid off woman trying to find a way to add a consistent flow of money into her life.  With the way the economy is today, her character seemed fairly relative. Like many, she was struggling to find work, stability and to maintain her standards of living, and has enough attitude, boldness and wit to make things happen. Her role is portrayed by actress Katherine Heigl who does an excellent job playing out her role.

Adapted from a book

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While I was watching the opening credits of the movie, I noticed that the movie was an adaptation of a book written by Janet Evanovich which I didn’t realize I had read until I saw the screenplay unfold. Not only was it a great book by an excellent author who uses her words and creativity rather well, but it was an excellent movie.

You know how sometimes the things author's write just create an image?  I pictured the scenes featured in the novel exactly how they were acted out in the movie. With each slide that scrolled by, something familiar about it came to memory. I had no idea that the book of the same name, One For the Money was set to be released as a movie and that was when I realized that we had made a great choice in our movie going experience.

I have had the opportunity to read many books that have been adapted into movies.  Sometimes the adaptations are disappointing because the stories featured in the film are so different.  One For the Money has its differences, but not so off-center.

The Story in One For The Money

The story develops as Stephanie decides to turn to her cousin Vinny (Patrick Fischler) for work. He is the owner of a bails bonding business. He had employment opportunities available but that did not pay much money.  The job that interested her was a risky job, but one that what would gain her a fast buck.  She would take on the role as what Janet Evanovich called, “a bad ass fugitive apprehension agent.” Her task would be catching fugitives; but not just any fugitive, Joseph Morelli who is also a cop.

Morelli and Stephanie had history.  He was the man who took her virginity, hurt her and in return, she violently hit him with a car and broke his leg.  While all that was in the past, her fury is still very much alive in the present. So capturing him would be no small task.

Jason O’Mara plays the role of Morelli.  He has been accused of murdering a man and is being sought because he failed to show up at his court hearing. “He had a tight ass narrow hip swagger and a reputation for having fast hands and heavy fingers” (Janet Evanovich).  O’Mara and Heigl have great chemistry on the screen.  O’Mara definitely had the swagger, sexiness and appeal that was needed to fulfill the requirements of this role. Together, they make a great team of actors and mesh wonderfully on the screen.  
In Stephanie’s pursuit of capturing and bringing in Morelli, she experiences a few things. She is taught how to handle law enforcement while searching for missing witnesses. She learns how to fire guns at a shooting range to strengthen her defense strategies. As a character, Stephanie even steals cars. But all while doing it, she also has to find a way to survive the unchartered roads of fury and panic by people who do not want the truth to be revealed. 

Characters & Thoughts

Other notable actors that were in this movie include Sherri Shepherd who did a great job in portraying the role of Lula, a hooker who helps Stephanie a lot in her journey as a bounty hunter. With any role that Shepherd plays, you can expect a character who will add a warm, comedic touch to it. Debbie Reynolds plays the role of Stephanie’s grandmother.  Grandma Mazur’s character was acted out exactly how I pictured her; curious and funny but definitely down to earth. Other actors and actresses in the film include Annie Parisse, Daniel Sunjata, Nate Mooney, Gavin-Keith Umeh, and John Leguizamo.
One for the Money is a movie of terror and curiosity. There is some cursing and nudity in the movie, but it is not entirely overdone. I like the movie because it is action packed.  There are not many dull moments presented in this film and some of the positions of the characters, especially the main actress, was something that people in our time can relate to: laid off, trying to find a means of survival. 
I would definitely recommend this movie. Go see it for yourself. If you are a lover of books, read the book first. Janet Evanovich wrote an awesome novel. But if you do, please do not let it deter you from seeing the well-written screen play scribed by Stacy Sherman, Karen Ray, and Liz Brixius. I really enjoyed both versions; a lot! Seeing the movie makes me want to read the next installation in the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich entitled Two for the Dough.

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