Saturday, January 28, 2012

Poetry Corner: Writing Color Blinds

Writing Color Blinds
By Stephanie Jeannot

I want to travel heights - -
as high as the San Gabriel Mountains
writing in the ladder that will take me
up the rocks, at a high altitude
in the body of my green nature of work.

I want to walk on clear blue water
to the Italian Isle of Giglio
and on the lines of the page,
I want to write the passage
that will cruise me
as the captain of the unabandoned ship.
I want to follow the ocean
to the ends of the world,
open up and release my treasure like a white pearl,
on a safe traveling journey.

I want to move forth on an immense field
through heavy winded storms and floods,
where hypnotic red fire rhythms
simply captivate the heart
and kill it on the written compositions
as deadly as a Burmese Python.

I want to open my eyes and see
vivid patterns of quarter moons,
sandstone cliffs and hard to articulate
lines of carved ebony and ivory
strewn across my pages,
greeting my amazing ear with
sincere hospitality and friendship.

I want to see that vision of ruby love
outside of a brainstorm.
I want to write the words to a ballad
and dream upon that golden yellow star
and claim the story scape now
so that I don’t lose my writing drive later.
I want to write while words are flooding my mind
like Hurricane Irene in New York,
and while it is in my heart,
I want to narrate a brand new heavy
and like the neo-soul group with the same name,
"Never stop."

It has been a while
I lost it in a tile - -
a series of patterns
like on a grey checkered Jones NY suit,
but unhealthy ones and not so fashionable,
that kept me from finding my all
and now that my flame has been relit
I've been storming on a sample kick
that has been putting words on my tongue.

I am ready to shoot them out
like one would at a shooting range
but only on the lines of a loose leaf page
introducing my rage to the eyes of the journal,
that I only obtained by jumping hurdles like runner Kyle Walker
to finally track my hopes for my wings to unfold
on black and white field paper. 
I want to be your server
of stories and poems and songs and flow’ems
and I want to write the world in as my guest.

I want to discover the slim margins of poetic imagery
with my blue inked pen and paper
and I want to write
because that is my nature.
It increases excitement
as I scribe in my notebook,
unraveling my spiritual layers wherever I am.
Writing is the weapon that enables me to
make it through the world out there.

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