Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Poetry Tuesday

My First Love
Poem by Stephanie Jeannot

Every time I come into your midst I know exactly what I deserve,
A pinch of your honey to add flavor to my earth - -
So that just maybe you'll take a glance at my page.

I want to perfect the format of my symphony of strings;
part from my anchor and simply roll with the punches;
unwind and pledge simply to be true to my emotions.

I want to stroke the shoulders of the perfect song and melody;
embrace the lyrical content of the cosmic music of God
and maintain divine silence to simply listen to his call.

Every time I come and share the wind of your commitment,
I see the long run - -a prototype of a fantasy,
and I get this enormous appetite for being a part of your everything.

Ideas flow from all directions as my mood becomes transformed.
I shine like new and my love orbits your dance floor.
Fire is always burning when your music dictates an encore.

The way you make me feel makes me understand your durability.
I grow old but you stay the same as you always have been;
no matter how many miles I build up within myself.

A fraction of time is all I need to level the playing field.
Thoughts are thrown around like a Basketball on a fresh 16.
We communicate best when gelling into a twist of harmony.

I always run at full capacity into the arms of the anointing
Feels like flowers shipped from the highest corner of the world
Sometimes I just want to lose myself in a song.

Then these mountains rise and leave me frozen where I am.
I envisioned singing as my dream but also many other things
but without enough time and energy to dedicate to everything.

And so, I find myself in constant contact with the Lord up above.
I think he is the only one that can lead me to the end zone.
By myself, I’m broken peace still searching for light and love.
When I wake from dreaming I hope to find you there - -
On a stage where I can let you twinkle rosily
because singing, you're my first love, and you make me happy.

So like President Obama, I'm making an iron clad commitment.
I'm gonna stick by your side while my heart just keeps pounding.
I love you deeper than the dead sea;  music, you give me liberty.


You are a touch from heaven; a gift from God and I am thankful.
Happy to be a part of you and situated in your harmonized bars.
I pledge to keep bending like a tree in your wind until I am no more.

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