Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Short Story Board: Contained by Gravity

Contained By Gravity
by Stephanie Jeannot

Her father set the landscape of a place for his daughter to believe. He created what was supposed to be a realistic blueprint of tomorrow. The secured plan seemed like a huge opportunity and all she could do was respond with great applause.

She was a hardworking, capable woman who carried with her, the wisdom of Solomon. She kept up with the news of the day so she could know everything she needed to know about her world. She not only had the gorgeousness of illustration but also the richness of knowledge. Two things gave her an advantage. She had all the family support she needed to push beyond the boundaries. But also, she was rich in tradition and knew exactly who she was which gave her a good grasp of her identity, the ground she walked on and her power as a woman. And so yesterday, when she sat on the balcony of today looking through the gates at tomorrow, she knew that she had the power to win.

He stuck by his daughter’s side and she was always happy to be in the midst of her father’s company. While he had the idea that they would work together and work as a unit to get to that magical place somewhere, she acted with her heart and not her head.

We often are inspired to have the courage to be all that we can but forget the courtly gestures of the knights that helped us along the way and often sometimes the map that was supposed to lead us there. His way of looking at the world was creating a world where in it his daughter would be able to touch heaven and expressed his view about his intentions for her well-being on a daily basis. But she had her own way of perceiving the universe.

At first, it was like a win for the ages. She was on the battlefield with all the weapons she needed to fight. She was willing to go to war and so like the strongest of soldiers, made her way to the classrooms and started to achieve notable victories.

But then her pattern of thought changed. The duty of her day revolutionized from being focused to being occupied with other unimportant things. That unbounded confidence she once had, diminished and she suddenly became distracted. Imagine! A genius of sorts who was once taking life seriously was now unable to be contained even by gravity which could not keep her from floating away.

Freedom was hers. She was in the air, traveling like a moth cutting into the fibers of her father’s heart. She wanted to be the image of the Stylistics song that sings, "you're a big girl now. No more daddy's little girl." She had always wanted to know what being liberated felt like, not thinking that the expansion of her mind was a freedom that some do not have the opportunity to experience.

Her father was hurt because she let go of his firm hand. She was disappointed because she started to feel inferior to the people who once stood next to her. Her story soon became the news of the day. There was no sympathy, just gossip that simply picked her apart and left her in a dark place.

She wanted to get back on track. There was a range of opinions being thrown her way but all she could do was think about the opinion that mattered the most to her,  which was her dad’s.  That is when she decided to no longer live day by day mangled and torn. Instead, she chose to exercise the power she held within to make differences for the good of the world.  

Distractions are the relative challenges we often face when we create goals that we strive for. We want our visions to salute our longing eyes. If our dreams give us an awesome feeling inside, why not?  There are always detours we can take just in case there is an obstacle in the road. Nothing says we cannot take them but it is our duty to find our way back to solid ground.  

She moved with sweet intensity beyond the balcony. She had been saving all her love for her tomorrow and finally, the blinding bright light of that day became to flame and strew across the sky. He knew she loved him because she finally started to listen. That’s what becomes important sometimes, how much we listen and how we use the advice that was drilled into us by the ones who cared the most.  I’m still learning how to do that part. Nobody in this world is perfect I admit.

Sometimes I look at life and I think of how we bounce back as a people like a game of basketball.  We come close to the end of a quarter thinking that we might not make the win that we thought we would. But just when we think it is over, we are fouled and go to the free throw line like Reggie Miller at a finals game against the Knicks, make the first basket, rebound the second and win a game we almost lost by seven points with only 17 seconds left, by one point. Exactly, we amaze ourselves sometimes even more than we ever imagined. Click here to see the last 17 seconds of that Knicks Vs Pacers Game.

Inexpressible surprise was in her eyes when she met her 1,000 words landscape she had painted in her mind the day before yesterday. Faith became a lasting thing and she decided to always seek her father’s advice, so that they could come together as one, like they should have been. Funny how all the partying she wanted to do when focus should have been her theme, now was allotted time.  She celebrated in her every day with big Kool-Aid smiles, the victories that brought her to where she is today; in a place beyond her own comprehension.

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