Saturday, January 7, 2012

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 Size Really Does Matter in Brooklyn - It's Art!
By Stephanie Jeannot
On Friday, January 6th, 2012 at 7 PM, Two Moon Art House & Café located at 315 Fourth Avenue between 2nd Street and 3rd Street in the Park Slope section of Brooklyn hosted the opening reception for the art exhibit “Size Matters” featuring art from a collective of 46 artists.

At 6 years old, who would imagine that the one thing that could put a wide smile on that young individual's face would be a pencil and paper to draw? That was when Ricardo Ricky Jean's love for drawing and for painting developed and throughout his life, his desire to be an artist grew stronger. He was compelled to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art (BFA) at Brooklyn College.  His art pieces are among the many works displayed in the gallery.

“I am so happy about this moment and honored that so many of my family and friends came out to support,” said Jean. “The Co-Curators of the event were old college classmates of mine who liked my work and wanted to display it.”
Two Moon Art House and Café celebrated the opening night of the art display in style with complimentary wine and hors d’oeuvres. The ambient room was filled with so many people, it was like a party going on underneath the nicely dimmed lights, while the patrons of it wined, dined and looked at the beautiful art work accenting the establishment’s walls.
“This is exactly what I wanted,” said co-curator Esther Chung. “The success of this event could not come together without the artists.”
Artists who were interested in being featured at this event had a few requirements to fulfill. Each of the artists participating, were to present four to six pieces of two-dimensional work. The pieces that were submitted for display were also pieces that artists would have to be willing to part with and put up for sale.
The walls are decorated with a plethora of amazing pieces. Jean has six pieces strewn across the room. “I now am an intern at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in Chelsea.” Jean said, “this is a real achievement for me and I hope to keep improving to be a part of more events like this where I can display my work.”
People gathered all around the art house awing at the colorful images. The works are plentiful from a mix of artists, mostly post-graduate students and practicing artists, each bringing their own unique style to the display. Most of the artists featured are from Brooklyn except for James Tantum and Sue Lerch from Pennsylvania, and Dana Nacer from Massachusetts. Among the many artists are Professor Adam Thompson of Brooklyn College, Brian George and Kelly Savage from the art community-based non-profit organization known as ABC No Rio.
“I always knew I wanted to curate a salon show with several artists,” said co-curator Mishele Begun. “There are actually 34 artists participating in the show.” Begun is also an artist who graduated from Brooklyn College with a BFA who had hope to accomplish something great for the present and stepped into her dreams when she saw her hard work paying off.  She never imagined such a great turnout.

Begun and Chung came together with an idea and space.  They wanted to bring artists together because many lack community connection. They had a goal of creating that space where people can network in a space where artists don’t feel intimidated. They wanted to feature artists who wanted to not only participate but who understood about community.
“The focus of Size Matters is not on themes but on the actual size of the artwork and on the scale of the work,” said Chung. “The gallery is a showcase of works among similar sizes and not subject oriented.”

All different styles of art cover the wall space of Two Moon Art House & Café organized by size. The smaller pieces sit comfortably on the front wall of the gallery closest to the Café's well-stocked bar, and the larger pieces are displayed deeper inside of the art house.  The salon style group display "Size Matters" can be seen throughout the entire month of January until January 28th, 2012 by visiting Two Moon Art House & Café  and enjoying its ambiance for yourself where all the art work featured in the display are available for purchase.
Jean didn’t just harness the power of drawing for no reason. He had a greater purpose. It is part of that drive that gives him sustainable happiness. He not only gained experience but also interest from guests of the Café screaming, “he got skills.”  You can check out more of his artwork at his website

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