Thursday, January 26, 2012

Swap on Musicologies

The other day, my sister asked me a question that truly made me consider the odds.  She asked, “is the only thing that you listen to music?”  Maybe I am a little selfish, denying myself of all the other great things to listen to in the world, but, I have to admit, I listen to lots and lots of music because I love it. 
Maybe I’m a music freak, but there is nothing wrong with that. What would you expect, I’m an artist. So my love for singing didn’t just magically appear. It comes from years of listening to great music. My favorite singers are Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sarah Vaughn, Anita Baker, Deniece Williams, Amel Larrieux, Ledisi, Stevie Wonder, Fred Hammond, Deborah Cox, Lalah Hathaway, Michael Jackson and Karen Clark-Sheard, just to name a few.  So how could I not listen to them often?  It is almost imperative.
 I love all types and all genres from all different eras of the world.  I am Haitian and so, I cannot deny that I love some Haitian music which is often playing in my IPOD. Carimi is a really cool group of musicians and so is Tabou Combo.  Haitian music is hot. And so is Spanish music. I love Celia Cruz. I love the South African singer Daou Daou. His music is pretty good.
Perhaps we can call this one the swap on musicologies.  My love is not only based on the artist that sings the song, but the musicians and the quality of sound that I appreciate. I like both the vocalists and the musicians. There’s nothing like sitting back and having my ear tuned in to some Dizzy Gillespie performing Nights in Tunisia or John Coltrane put his foot into My Favorite Things.  I enjoy the instrumentals and the added harmony of vocalization as well. Carmen McRae is the absolute best. I like her style and approach. She is phenomenal. So is Ella. If it is music, it is me.

I can find the love of a song or an artist in almost any situation. For instance, I started to like one of Elvis Presley's phenomenal hits, A Little Less conversation after playing the Wii game Just Dance.  The song grew on me and I had to download it from ITunes. Listen to it here. Back in high school, I listened to 106.7 Lite FM constantly and this song by the group Take That used to play called Back For Good and until this day, it is one of my absolute favorites. Listen to it Here.  Music is my life and my love. And so, here are just a couple of my favorites.
Phoebe Snow
 Sadly enough, I didn’t learn about this divine singer until the day that she died.  She sings like an angel and puts a whole lot of heart and soul into each and every song that she sings. Many people remember her for her song, Poetry Man, yet I have never heard a more beautiful rendition of the recently deceased Etta James’ At Last. If you have never heard it, prepare your ears to hear something amazing. Here is the link .
Infinite Possibilities
I really liked Groove Theory with all their jazzy type songs.  The lead singer of the group, Amel Larrieux, has this compelling voice that really made me appreciate their music even more. I am thinking that I must love her music because of that.  There are layers of soul embodied in her music and it is beautiful.  Infinite Possibilities was Larrieux’s first solo album and it is a great one.  Every time I listen to it, there is something unique I find about it, even though I listen to it often. She is definitely one of my favorite artists. Check out the album for yourself here.
Fur Elise
Classical music has really touched my heart.  I love the way the instruments just mellow me out. Classical music is not only beautiful to listen to, but can bring a great deal of satisfaction.  Beethoven is one of my favorite classical musicians. He is awesome.  Fur Elise is my absolute favorite song.  After reading the book of his life, to know of a genius like himself, who was able to compose and teach while being deaf had to be something extraordinary. How could he find the way to make such beautiful music and to lead others to do the same?  His book is called Beethoven: His Music & His Life which features a plethora of pages of his story and also a couple of CDs featuring his works.  Check it out here.

Earth, Wind & Fire: The Eternal Dance
I appreciate almost every single song that EWF puts out. So there’s no surprise that I would be one of the listeners of their collection.  It’s not just one of their songs or a single album that I like to listen to. I like all of their music.  Their collection is just awesome. It features three CDs of pure fire.  I can’t help but sing along. They make some great songs. Check out the collection here.

No Turning Back
I heard this album by Out of Eden for the first time through a listening promotion and fell in love.  They are a Gospel singing group of singers who truly know how to add some pizzazz to great lyrics that can uplift. No Turning Back is that album that I can put on anytime I need some energy and something just takes over and I am revived. I love their sound and I enjoy their third installment over all of their albums. Check out some of the reviews of their works here.
Faith Hill
I love Faith Hill. Any song she puts out is great for me. I like her sound. I love her lyrics. I enjoy the music. And every song that she sings is extremely catchy.  I have a few of her albums and manage to listen to them often. Check out her website to find out more about this wonderful country artist. Here is the link.

Teena Marie

I grew up listening to this awesome singer. I remember going to one of the free summer concerts at Wingate High School and seeing Teena perform some of her most popular tunes.  She was great and even after her death, her music still seems to resonate.  Read the tribute to Teena Marie here.

Handel Messiah Hallelujah Chorus

There is nothing more exciting than listening to the multiple voice choir belt out the highest praise. This song is absolutely gorgeous. I love the concept. I love the sounds of the violin. Great tune. See a live video clip of this song being performed at Radio City Music Hall on youtube here.

These are just some of the things I listen to the most during my day.  Here are some links to other things I might tune in to.

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Stephanie Jeannot on ITUNES - Link

This list is only a quarter of the million songs, artists and music I love to listen to. The list would be astronomically long if I added every artist and every song that touches my heart and makes me come alive. But, for what I have listed so far,  these are truly great works.

What are some of your favorites?  Please leave a comment and share. Thanks for stopping by. Hope to touch a glimpse of your eye again tomorrow.


  1. Bee Bee and Cee Cee Winans make my HEART SING! I love music, too...but I must admit that this bro and sis are at the top of my list of favs!


  2. Yeah. BeBe and CeCe are a great duo and they make excellent music that I love and appreciate a lot.

  3. You have such great taste in music. I love Amel Larrieux as well and Infinite Possibilities is a lovely song! For Real is one of my favorites as well.

    I thought I was the only one who started to like A Little Less Conversation by Elvis Presley after hearing it on Just Dance! I also learned to appreciate Jin Go Lo Ba by Fatboy Slim after dancing to it several times.

    You are such an amazing writer. Reading this post made me want to fall in love with music this morning and let it envelope and surround me for the rest of the day. I will keep this window open so that I can enjoy some of the links you've shared!

    Great post :-)

  4. I infinite possibilities is a great album but yes, I do love for real. She kills it on that song. I love her voice. I saw her three times in concert.

    The music on just dance is pretty good. I find something new to appreciate about music every day. That's why I love it. You must have had a pretty good day then listening. I know I did. :)