Wednesday, February 29, 2012

From 20 to 120 to 12 Wins, Losings and Drawing Conclusions

I almost got tempted to complete a 40 question survey on some random things.  That was until I got up to one of the many questions featured in it which read, can you play poker? And here is where my desire to write began.
This past weekend, a group of us cousins went down to Atlantic City.  I always enjoy going there because there is so much fun to be had; more than just gambling.  I usually take the bus down but I decided to put my new car to use and make my way down there.
There is a difference.  When you take the bus, the amount you pay for your ticket is either fully or partially reimbursed in the form of play money for the slots.  I could pay $25 for the bus and get it all back to use for any machine I want. Most of the time, I just play that.
But when you drive, you pay the astronomical fee for gas, all the many tolls that are on the road all the way down to exit 38 on the Garden State Parkway and then also must now use your own money to play. And so I did.
Can I play poker?  Well no.  I consider myself having a touch of luck at times. I once bought a $2 Bingo scratch off and won $1000 off of it. That was wonderful. Ever since then, I thought that winning was meant to be mine all the time. Though it is not, I do like to take my chances every now and then because you never know. And boy, do I enjoy playing the slots.
Me and my cousin went down there to the casinos and I felt a machine calling me and so, I sat there with my $20 and decided, this was going to be my jackpot moment. My $20 turned into $120 fast. I was so tempted to cash out and use my winnings for something else, but unfortunately I did not listen to myself.  I went from my original $20 up to $120 and down to $12.50 in about 30 minutes.  I guess you win some and you lose some but every time I got to the casino floor, I wanted to play something.

I realize it even more now that Atlantic City has so much to do besides gamble. I mean, the 40/40 club is not too far from there as well as many other great dance clubs and venues.  So many major artists perform in the concert halls of the casinos.  There are shopping outlets, and an amusement park that is great for the kids. So many great restaurants are around the area and inside of the casinos and so much more. You can even swim indoors at a tropical type oasis kind of pool that makes you feel as if you are in the Caribbean. Yet, you can’t take the gambling out of it. At least I can’t. And it was fun, but sad to see myself lose what I won. 
I am just lucky that I did not go overboard on the slots.  Yet, I think it might have been an even greater advantage to me to use that extra $100 that I first won before I lost it on the slots, at the Tangers Outlet. Would have been a nice incentive to use that money to buy myself a new coach bag. Or maybe even some of those cool noise cancelling headphones by Bose.
I should have stopped my gambling there, but I still had my winning voucher. Yeah! that $12.50. I could have cashed out and been happy with half of what I played back but no, I decided to go back to the slots to see if I could win something with my winning voucher on the next morning. Those penny machines do fool you sometimes though because even though the slots say that it's a penny machine, you play for $1.20 with each spin at the minimum. I like to steepen the pot a little bit though which is why that $12.50 was gone in about 3 minutes of taking chances. At least I know next time. Play and if I win, cash out and keep it. 

Yeah, sounds like a great idea!

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