Sunday, February 12, 2012

RIP Whitney Houston

It was almost like instinctively reacting. My ears were enamored by the sound of the strongest tone. I always loved music but never heard anything like what I heard that day in previous listening scenarios.

I was only a kid back then. What could a child actually know about love?  But at that point in my life, I had nothing but love for Whitney Houston and my life was engineered differently ever since. It became clear to me that my enthusiasm for trying to imitate her sound while I was still in my single digits was the nature of my agenda in this world. The idea was enhanced that I was born to sing, just like her.

I am not sure if she even knows the impact that she played in the lives of so many people. Hearing her voice carrying a tune over harmonious accompaniment was like a special privilege; just to have opportunity to listen. I gained interest because she was so wonderful at what she did, and I’ll never forget it.

I thank Whitney Houston for motivating me to use her voice. Family and neighbors should thank her for giving me the desire to want to sing so much that they would hear me trying to belt out her songs on the top level of my lungs from down the block and around the corner. Listening and singing along to the audience of the wooden walls of my basement never seemed to fail at giving me a reason to smile. Whitney Houston had an incredibly strong voice and since I was just a kid, I wanted to have vocals that were just like hers.

I can say, that because of her, I found motivation and inspiration. I have been blessed.  I addressed the symptoms of love when I was young and have never abandoned my first love which is singing. The joy I find in simply being able to just let out my heart wherever I am, is incomparable to all else. Singing gives me life and I can honestly say that Whitney Houston breathed the interest into my lungs. I have this passion and boundless energy for simply wanting to share just because of how she blessed my life.

I guess that is why it is not that easy for me to absorb the fact that Whitney Houston has passed away. I gaze into the amazing sparkle of her memory, and her presence for me was always a huge deal. Knowing she has drifted off to her new life has impacted my life. I know I will peel away the layers as she ascends upward into the comfort of Jesus’ arms, but I will never forget the splashes of brilliance she added to my life. There is no denying that Whitney Houston will always be in my heart. From sunrise to sunset, she will always be my biggest musical inspiration. May you rest in peace Whitney Houston.

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