Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lauryn's "Sweetest Thing," Concerto & An Inspired PicPoem of Sweet Tulips

Lauryn Hill is an awesome artist. I love the fact that she not only sings, but she raps. It gives her music this boost of excitement.
Have you ever experienced listening to an artist’s song on the radio play after years and years of knowing it, only to find that the song sounds as if it were the first time you ever heard it?  The Sweetest Thing” is one of those songs.
What the words mean to me are a description of a person being madly in love or possibly even infatuated. If you have been kissed on your collar bone, you can relate to the weakness found in those sweet moments. It is a beautiful feeling that can make you feel like a queen, like Lauryn sings; simply because someone wanted to make you happy or because someone wanted to give you that attention that you have been seeking. Or perhaps it is the first time you ever shared a beautiful moment together and it was sweeter than any other experience.  
If that significant person who puts a smile on your face is truly the one,  the energy felt when around each other might be as valuable as Lauryn sings; even more valuable than all the things that she knows. This is her interpratation of real love and she sings it with the right amount of intensity to make the lyrics real. She signs about kisses that are so tasteful, they taste like Amaretto and get you drunk. She writes like a poet and sings them like someone who knows what love is with all the emotions embodied within the phrasings.
I had the privilege to see her live in concert last weekend at Caesar’s Casino in Atlantic City. Even though she showed up to her 9 PM show at 10:30, it was worth the wait because she was full of energy and offered a great time to all her fans that were there.  
It was a nice concert. I enjoyed listening to her sing her popular tunes and also some that she used to perform live with the Fugees.  Unfortunately, she did not sing “The Sweetest Thing” which is a song I loved from when I was in high school. But she sang “Zion” and “Ex-Factor” and I enjoyed each and every moment of her remixing them live for the crowd. Ironically, I heard “The Sweetest Thing” playing on the radio almost like right after seeing her live. And then came this writing prompt for song heard on the airwaves and meaning and I found something great to write about that I adore so much: music.   
She has that type of voice that makes you want to try to imitate. She can really rhyme and talks about something concrete which is great. Her attitude on the mic can be inspiring and her lyrics give ambition for songwriters and lyricists to write. She even inspired me to write a PicPoem called Sweet Tulips:

Sweet Tulips

Live off vocal energy,
yawns, or umbrellas.
Tasteful expressions reclaimed every newton churned, entirely.
Harmony angelically registers inside silently.
Loves open vases embellish
sweet tulips eloquently positioned high above Neptune; Infinitely enamored.


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