Friday, February 17, 2012

A Photo Captured in a Poem

Lately, I have been carrying around with me a camera and just snapping images of some of the cool things I see around. Being a lover of photography and someone who also loves to read and to write poetry, I thought it would be cool to capture an image and then to write a poem about it. 

So here is the first one of my photos and a poem:

A Beautiful Flower
by Stephanie Jeannot
Beautiful Flower Captured in Brooklyn, NY


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  1. Gorgeous flower my friend. Beautiful.

    Yes...Miss Whitney's home going service was sad...but I am certain that there were people there who were ministered to that may never have been reached if not for her passing.


  2. That's so true. I felt the spirit by simply watching it on television. The singing, and the kind words were just very moving.