Monday, February 27, 2012

PICpoetry: Mid-Winter Swim

Nothing like mid-winter swimming in a heated pool
Especially at Harrah's Atlantic City where the area is so cool
4 ft of water the whole stretch of the span
Great seating and VIP areas for you and your clan
There's about four jacuzzis around the poolside
In this in-door oasis, I had such a grand time
You could swim, race or do water exercises while in the water
You could read your book or write in your journal while lounged in comfort
The scenery is beautiful and the oasis is so sweet
And the towels are provided for every customer the staff members meet
This pool is for the adults and is on the waterfront side
And guess what, it transforms into a dance club at night
Two thumbs up for rest and relaxation by the pool side
Where for a few minute you can put you feet up, be care-free and smile
 I can't help but to look forward to the next go around
All because of the true pleasures that here I found

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