Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pocket Full of Poesies for the Valentine Heart


Butterflies, they flutter within.
My mind on the matter of you takes a spin.
The birth of love has been conceived.
I’m hoping that we can basket weave.
I’m reserving secret Victorias for you.
Your voice like a q-tip caress my Eustachian tube.
Like the ocean in the summertime beguiles the sand,
the memory of our eyes intertwined spread out panned
As beautiful as a pearl in a shell, inside and out;
you give me fever; makes me want to Sunday morning shout;
and all I want to do lately is spend a little time
because your energy everlasts my batteries inside.

Intro to a fantasy

Template of a dream amidst the sighs
Quarter of a REM cycle behind sleeping eyes
Motion of your character within the side views blind
In this Utopia that has been born in the tunnel of my mind

The crescent moon shines as slides of thousand words echo
You are the star that guides me to this world where fantasy intros
Lying in the grasp of comfort straight through to morning sun
Soaking here as if splashed from waters of the ocean
The stars of red sky fade and I am wrapped under your hands
And tattooed emotions that ride my thighs and down to the basics

Like Walking
on Green Pastures

Everything is possible
When you are around
It feels like spring time in winter
When your eyes meet my ground
And everything just seems solid
You give me something I can feel
It’s like walking on green pastures
Whenever you’re near me

A Quantum Leap Into Love 

Trust the feeling and let love be love
Because tomorrow may never come
If someone has affected your heart
Let love be revealed to that someone
Life is short and you never know
The way the days ahead will flow
Because the next second is not promised
So don’t hide what is worthy of letting be known
My heart is pulsating like a grooving, pop rhythm
Ooh how I want to love you and engage in the fission
Always on my mind, all the time – you live within
I desire to take a quantum leap into love; with you.

Sincere Heart
Like a seed to a rose petal
Or a caterpillar’s butterfly
OR a neonate to a toddler
Or a spark of thought to always on my mind,
Your flurries left a carpet;
an idea that built ‘pon a play;
the lines turned to conversations
and the many words you say.
In a fraction of the second of that minute
we locked eyes and I was totally in it
and now my 24 of the seven are all in a storm
I think seeing you changed my outlook and form.
Interest turns to love and to life of curved arches.
The stars they glow to light my sky and point me to your marshes
And the things I see in you are like the beauty of that heavenly sky
Sometimes I wonder why God pointed me to such an awesome guy
Intelligent and beautiful with a heart the loves Jesus
And sexier than the silky sounds of Bossa Nova oscullating through the speakers
And smoother than the highways that truckers cruise down
I love you and it doesn’t make sense to hide it, so I love you out loud
I’m so crazy about you and it makes sense you know
You’re an angel in disguise and I’m the flame you were meant to glow
And when I’m around you, this feeling warm but sweet just melts me inside
I’m writing with a sincere heart, the lullaby of sleepless eyes
With hope you’ll see my in between the lines and midnight star
I think that you are all that; you are in my heart.  

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