Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Poettues Corner: The Sun is Confused About Winter 2012

The soil is confused.
The soil is confused and nobody notices
the stunning roses sticking their noses out towards the sun
but just a little bit, showing the world love.

The grass is confused.
The grass is confused and it is starting to
fill out its application to remain a permanent fixture
for the rest of the year, with hope that the weather stays like this.

The birds are confused.
The birds are confused and they have flown back
from the south only to find that 2012’s winter is still here;
chirping their harmonies all over the air.

The sun is confused.
The sun is confused and it is coming out brighter.
It is shining as beautiful as a blue birds song
and it simply stands out in the midst of it all
Big and tall, like the seasoned sky.
Somehow, I cannot resist Mr. Sun's smile.

The kids are confused.
The kids are confused and they have been
out in the streets playing their games to win
as if it were a warm day in spring.

Ice cream truck drivers are confused.
Ice cream truck drivers are confused
thinking that their music will have us amused
with their trucks full of treats
and just the right amount of sweets
to convince young hearts that it is not really winter
and that just maybe, you can take off your sweater.

The people are confused.
The people are confused
sitting outside in the winter heat,
and driving with their windows rolled down to their feet;
and they are wearing short sleeves
and short pants, then the next day ruins plans
because it is back to freezing again
swelling up many glands.

I’m not complaining!
I love this weather.
I mean, I survived the snow
that piled up over last year’s soul;
but something about the way
this winter has braved
makes me want to smile away.

But, let's not forget that winter is not over yet.
It may be warm but the cold may return.
Not that I'm hoping for it but weather is unpredictable.
Remember to wear a scarf and protect your temple.
With a good jacket, and a hat; that's best
It's about your wellness so don't follow the rest
because remember winter ends in March
and that's still about a month and a half far.

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