Thursday, March 15, 2012

PoetryCorner: Catching the Strands in the Stitches of Love

It’s not that I desire to roam through the littered streets
in subzero temperatures roaming off into the distance;
It’s just that I had a change of direction
when death came knocking at my door.
It’s not that I desired to showcase the true stories
of what happened at the end’s dramatic transition.
It’s just that I had to aggressively support the paramount issue
and the extraordinary accomplishments that lead me to my plot.
True life did raise a lot of emotion.
The experience rebuilt me from the attached morsel
to the Queen of beautiful buildings
After I realized that Mama was Losing it and I chose a new theme. 

I was told to step lightly
but at the terminal, energy seemed to increase intensity and heaven attracted notice.
It was almost as if I was interested in becoming the owner of the soil.
So I invested the pricelessness of my heart.
The strength and suffering it took to rip me apart
from the corner of self in which I was squandered
to the Sweet intensity of you and me.

Love I tell you has killed me!
And the spirit is so high in the infinite sky
It got me using my wings and catching the air with my fingers as I glide
through love’s delight just because you are by my side;
And I didn’t even have to try.
It was as natural as a musical child
Coming into acquaintance with a guitar
And wanting to strum its heart
without having to use the charts.
I have found my silver shadow.
Can’t you see my smile; it’s all aglow.
And I feel the glitter of it from head to toe
as I float up to my new home.
Love is something that I now know
because it took me out of my body and into this new beginning zone where I now roam;
not alone but with the one who showed that I was worth it.


  1. Wow. Beautiful words. I haven't written a poem since junior high, probably. There's a good reason: I can't write a poem like yours! Powerful and engaging. Lovely!

  2. I love to write. For me, just writing a few lines equates to fun. I enjoy it a lot. Thanks for reading and I hope you find some inspiration to write some stanzas.

  3. It's amazing how our experiences can shape and change us like you described. Love this!