Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PicPoetry: An Enjambment on Enhancements

My cousin asked me to dry her hair and because we were already there I told her that I would make it nice to give it just a little spice. She said why, "I'm not going nowehere;"  and that's where I came up with this poem here; about beaing beautiful for yourself to honor the blessings of your temple wealth. An enjambment of the little things to ehance your mood and your feelings.

A sexy move to change your groove. Sometimes you just want to be relieved of the same old routine. Think about the idea that it doesn't have to be for someone else because sometimes you just want to look beautiful for yourself. I can see it already; you're a girly girl. So why not for one day, just bounce around in curls?  There's nothing wrong with showing your stuff.  Have you ever thought about dolling up your face with makeup?

Day by day we live this way from sunrise to sunset with direction we only know as best but a shift of the mind is about time because it has been in need and came to find me. Beautiful is the beautiful features on the beautiful face with style and grace. Have you ever tried to accessorize the softness of your skin with some bling? Costume jewelry for the day and a smile to lead the way and some polish on those nails and a new scent you  never used that turns heads and leaves a trail.  You know what I mean; some base cream to go under the shadows and liners and blush or maybe just some color to touch your hair up. Or how about a barrel curl to give you a Farrah Fawcette look? Or maybe an image on Pinterest you saw or in one of those hair photo books.

There’s nothing wrong with changing your look sometimes. I mean maybe it’s time for a pedicure and Pinot Grigio wine. Or maybe you want a flowery bubble bath. Or maybe you are the type who just wants to turn on the Wii and do a Michael Jackson dance. Or maybe you work so hard and need some relaxation; some sun, a beach, a pina colada while on a Caribbean vacation. How about putting on some sexy heels instead of the sneakers you usually sport or how about wearing a color other than your norm? Or maybe you just need some flowers to celebrate you because you are wonderful but, you need to acknowledge that about yourself too. I say do whatever makes you feel good and let your sun glow brighter than the sun in Hollywood, because you deserve to be able to add that definition that can only enhance the beauty you already have that out-stands.

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