Tuesday, March 20, 2012

PicPoetry: Spring's March into My Life

I captured a blossom! Means only one thing; spring is definitely in the air. Can you feel it?

Spring's March into My Life
Poem written by Stephanie Jeannot

You entered the world with this sweet quietness
and infected with love on your first impress.
You carried out the action of living this day;
hit with the target of your arrow that I wouldn’t trade.
Your light so awesome it brightens my memory.
How can I forget the way you have affected me?
I wore my glasses today because of the beam of your smile.
Wasn’t sure I could trust your warmth but I couldn’t resist your style.
You enabled me to feel comfortable wearing my heart out without a jacket.
Feels good to walk in your splendor watching slams of balls into baskets
and to leave my windows rolled down celebrating your touch and kiss.
You’ve conquered my heart almost as if you live in my spirit.
I’ll never forget the way you captured my interest.
So early in the morning, you were born; a new day God made that I never met.
So lovely and handsome that you could magnetize to anyone’s prism;
I’ll never forget your March into my life to the beat of the perfect rhythm.
With my camera and my eye focusing my lens on your beauty;
The first day of spring 2012 was just a breath of fresh peace.

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