Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U is For Unbreakable Truth

And so, here we are at an unusual letter that is now under the microscope because we are at the U of this unbelievable challenge.  And so, we arrive at the unbreakable.

The love that God gives to us is unbreakable.  It flows like a river and is generous.  It is incomparable because it is unconditional and irreplaceable.

For the goodness that comes in the flow of his truth soothes my doubts and renews my strengths. He has the power and the authority. He gives life even in death.  He makes a way out of no way and even when I do not understand it, he keeps me moving on.

Because of his amazing grace, he has influenced my walk in life. I know that I can expect the great because I know who holds my future. I am determined that I can make it because I know that God’s unbreakable love harbors life. And so, I can step out on faith knowing that God is going to make everything alright because all my battles belong to him.

He has kept me in the land of the living which means only one thing; that I must continue to try to move forward without being discouraged about what went wrong in the past. The past is the past. The present is a gift. Acknowledge that. 

His love and kindness simply transfers into energy in me and enables me to smile. That is the only joy that is unbreakable. The joy we have internal. The knowledge of that is strength enough to evaporate the rain and bring in the sunshine.  

Things of this world can come and go, but the joy that God gives is everlasting. Like for instance, a new day. It is because of his wings of love that we’ve been showered with his grace to see it. Don’t simply ignore it or take it in as just another ordinary day. Enter into it with thanksgiving. Somebody didn’t make it to this day. Acknowledge your blessings of seconds, minutes, hours and days while you have the opportunity to because one day you will not and it will be too late. And while taking it in, show God your gratitude because he gives love but also loves to receive it and to know that you appreciate him.

The heart of my sunshine is in the simplicities of God’s unconditional love. I can trust in his strength because our bond is unbreakable which makes us united.  It was his love that made me the unique being he specially crafted. I like that because all his works are unbelievable and that is something to be thankful for.  That’s why I choose to sing of the mercies of the Lord until. . . I will lift up mine eyes to the hill and make his praise glorious because he has empowered me to. I can do any and all things because he gives me the power. His love is unquestionable. I know God loves me and that is an undeniable truth.  U are Unbreakable.

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