Tuesday, April 10, 2012

H is for Harmony

The Collins English Dictionary defines harmony as "a collation of the material of parallel narratives." Harmony is a love story between a man and a woman, that have survived through all things and are able to make their relationship work. They are inseperable like the couple in the image on your left drawn by artist Ricky Jean. 

That long relationship is like a classical tune going through different moods but in a continuous flow that never grows tired to the ear. I never thought of how instruments tell a story as they stream through each cadenza making the sound more defined and beautiful.
I enjoy listening to stacks of

instrumentation all piled up on
top of each other in harmony
like the harmony of a choir but
instead, a choir of musical
instruments; sounds pretty
when you listen to it.

My favorite song has it.
Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” is the
song and you can hear it in
the intertwining of the keys
that the left hand plays and
the keys that the right hand
plays. Alone they are good, but together like that duet who
has been together forever is impeccable.

The thought of them is great and so is the sight. They still
are always together holding hands and being that beautiful
example of what love is truly meant to be. It’s like the vision of
a live jazz show. Have you ever listened to the song "Bitches
Brew" or seen a video of it performed live?

For one, it is a fascinating tune. It’s about 20 minutes long. It

includes panning and stacks of harmony and features great

jazz musicians like Miles Davis on trumpet, Wayne Shorter on
Soprano Sax, Bennie Maupin on bass

clarinet, Joe Zawinul onelectric piano

and Lenny White on drums, just to

name a few. 

Music like jazz and other forms of

music that show real musicianship

and the beauty of the instrumentation

is what I like; beautiful to listen to from the harpsichord to the

drums. Like when a drummer beats his bass drum and then

hits the high hat and makes it work. Definition is added. Or

when a bassists holds down and plucks. It gives the tune body

and soul.

As long as there is understanding in the flow of things, the

peace between goes on and on and on.  As long as the

harmony is stacked, the music attracts. Attracts so much,

makes me want  to do cartwheels with my high heels across

the dance floor
because I can’t ignore it. I

love, love, love harmony a lot.

And I especially love it

because it is peaceful and

weaves in a whole  lot of humble additions just because it

sounds that good, just  like a long lasting, beautiful and

romantic melody that lives forever. Just like that of my

parents. Forever and a day!.Now that's harmony!

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