Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J is For Jamming

I am always jamming. My IPOD is packed with a plethora of great music because I love to listen; a lot.  I am constantly adding music to it from my large collection of music that I have. I was always a music lover and so my CD collection is huge.

So what are the top seven artists I listen to on my IPOD

1.       Amel Larrieux

Ø  I love her music. She sings like an angel, her songs are hot. Her music is really intriguing. I listened to her since she was a member of Groove Theory, saw her in concert four times and have all her albums. Yet, out of all of them, my favorite is still her first one which is “Infinite Possibilities.”  There is some really awesome singing on there. I have a concert for the walls of my basement every time I listen to her music. Good stuff.

2.       Whitney Houston

Ø  I grew up listening to her so there is no way that her music can leave my spirit. It has been there since she started sharing it with the world. I love most of her music but my favorite songs by her will always be “Saving All My Love” and "I Go To The Rock." She does a great job with those. I never heard any singer sing as wonderfully as she. Whitney to me is an example of what good singing is supposed to sound like.

3.       Deah Harriott & Image

Ø  I recently discovered this Gospel group and I absolutely love them. Deah uses her voice like an instrument and it is beautiful to listen to her use it to praise God. She has a way of letting her voice rip and it makes me want to listen. I enjoy listening to her. My favorite song by her yet is “Til the End”, a song that she not only lets the Lord know she will worship until the end, but also scats and makes her voice be heard. I appreciate the listen each time.

4.       Mariah Carey

Ø  She is one of my absolute favorites. I once had a repertory with my band that involved all Mariah songs. I love her voice a lot and am always listening out for what she has new. I have all her albums but my favorite so far is “Butterfly” and "The Emancipation of MiMi."  I can listen to the songs on both of those albums on a repeat cycle without getting tired.  Both feature truly awesome works.

5.       Kim Burrell

Ø  Another great Gospel singer that I have grown to love over the years. Her lyrics are phenomenal and so is the way that she uses her instrument.  She has a way of letting the words out using minors and it is awesome. You can tell she really loves the Lord when she sings her songs of praise. She has beautiful works. My favorites by her are “Victory”  and "Since He Came In" because they are such powerful tunes and also because of the background singing. The choir she has behind her is phenomenal. Woo! I not only listen and sing along, but also sometimes use her songs as background music when I am doing my step aerobics because her music also has a lot of energy and I love that.

6.       Beres Hammond

Ø  I love Reggae music. It has this crazy cool flow and it feels almost as if I am escaping the world when I listen to his music. He has a nice voice and his grooves are excellent. My favorite song by him is “Groovy Little Thing.” I love the peaceful flow of his music which are also very danceable; especially when you want to get into the romantic groove. Good stuff!

7.       Deniece Williams

Ø  I appreciate the way the Deniece uses her voice. She sings softly and knows how to execute that head voice. She does not have to yell to get her words out. She whispers them. Listening to her is like taking a class in school. I like that.

 I listen practically the entirety of my day and never seem to get bored of it.  Music is part of the joys of my existence.   Jamming is what makes me, me. 

How about you?  What are the top seven artists listened to on your IPOD?