Sunday, April 15, 2012

M is for My Pregnant Brothers

Yesterday was my sister’s baby shower and during the course of the afternoon, we decided to play a game to involve the men who were present. We played the pregnant men game. 

Some of the men volunteered to be pregnant for a few minutes. We blew up a few balloons which the men would use as their pregnant bellies. 

The men were to race down the aisle to their seats to attempt sitting down, putting their sneakers on and tying their shoes without moving their bellies.

It was great fun to watch especially when we observed one man not sit at all, pick up a show with his toes and tie his sneaker standing up. LOL! Though he was first, he was disqualified because he did not sit down.  
We gave the men a chance to see just some of the things my sister has to go through in the course of her nine months; even just for a minute. Laughter poured into the room.  The game turned out to be a success.


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