Monday, April 16, 2012

O is for OMG, Do I really weigh that much on a star?

There are so many cool features in the Planetarium, the Science exhibit located inside of the American Museum of Natural History located at West 81st Street and Seventh Avenue in Manhattan.

Friends had told me about it before but I never experienced it until I decided to take one of my favorite little baby cousins there as part of his 13th birthday celebration outing. Besides the short film narrated by Whoopi Goldberg called, ""Journey to The Stars," there are many other displays and walk throughs to be discovered.

If you walk through the exhibit, you see a display of the planets, discussions and a movie on the big bang theory, information about the elements and more Science oriented stuff.

Another cool interactive display inside of the Planetarium is a scale where you can measure yourself to see how much you will weigh if you were on one of the stars.  At first when you look at it and it stops calculating at the number one or two and you start to think, hey I wish I could weigh that little on earth.  That is until you notice the little description on the bottom of the numbers that says the measurements are in billions.

On a star, most of us will weigh anywhere between one to two billion pounds. Ain’t that something interesting? 

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