Wednesday, April 4, 2012

PicPoetry: Beautiful Like A Flower

This poem was inspired by the vision of a beautiful flower. I love the sight of these God-made enhancements to our world. They are so delicate and soft and calming to the soul. I captured it because it stood out and I loved it. Its essence was simply amazing. I dedicate it to love. May your's be the description of heaven and more.

So here's the poem entitled

by Stephanie Jeannot

I felt the shockwave throughout my entire body
Our worlds collided and it felt as if only he was there
The myriad of colors that stood before me was intense
I only saw him for the first time but I was absorbing his energy

This strong gravitational pull magnetized our eyes
The luminosity of his smile glowed like the sun in the sky
The temperature was rising like the warmest of summer days
It was like music reverberated through me from my heart sent his way

He brought the fire to my inside burning like a radiant star
It was like magic floating me away and melting my flick to sparks
And I had to know his name and break the barriers of mystery
The swiftness of the winds sent a wave of his spectrum to me.

His voice was like a pulsating drum pattern in a Bossa Nova rhythm
His story affected my heart and gave it a world of definition
And off we walked into our linguistic tools working cooperatively
I never in my life like that one moment felt so free
For my wings just had me carpet riding across spans of the universe
I carry him in my spirit like I carry my I.D. card in my purse
And that vision never left me from that minute, day and time
‘Til today, I evaluate the force of his incandescent eyes capturing mine
And the passion burns when eyes closed tight in REM’s sweet carpet rides

Never in my life had I ever felt anything like it on the inside
So intense is the heat that I need a firefighter to extinguish this burning flame
So burnt to the point that his touch and kiss left stains
So obvious because since that second, my heart beats with loud pizzazz
Yes, I think that is how I felt and still feel about that beautiful stretch called jazz.

So wonderful the feeling; like a memorable song; fresh like a morning shower.
So passionate are the thoughts that gravitate my mind; beautiful like a flower.

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