Tuesday, April 10, 2012

PicPoetry: I is for Investments for New York City Transit

I is for Investments for New York City Transit

for New York City transit
to get with
the ridership.

And what a trip
fully equipped
with a place to sit
a place for bags to sit
while people stand scared to admit
they rather not ask or not get sandwiched
or rather not be in the same empty car with the homeless
and leave him all alone in one car and move into the next.

The crowd is so big - -
Folks tightly packed in
that melting bodies together stick
while kids come on doing flips
busking for tips
and practically kick
their audience 
even though they did some cool dance tricks.

They get off at the next exit
and comes in with another set
of peeps playing instruments
with pairs of singing lips
canting whatever song fits
over the loud school kids
cursing and ranting
before the innocence
of those who never heard words like it.

I tell you, this trip
Is something you ought to witness.
Especially when you have no choice but to take interest
in the cell conversation of those riding pests
who don’t get
the idea of whisper chits
putting fellow rider’s patience to the test.

And tired folks rest
coming from their places of employment
with open books reading them
trying to not miss their stops but sleeping
upon the shoulder of the next
tapping nodders to wake up again

to hear the man with his Bible chanting

telling of the things to be expecting

to riders heavily involved in Sudokoing

device gaming, angrybirds, Twitter and facebooking

to music lovers focusing on  their Ipod mixes

with headphones on actively listening

with volume loud enough to entertain every man

until the train comes to a rest
and it’s their stop and they flex

I’m telling you that you must invest
in this crazy ride by transit
because once you decide to get with it
it will get you from point A to the next
even if and when there is a delay on it
or the price of the token keeps getting more expensive
or the delays are gonna come and you have to expect that
you might be late if you decide to give in
or that you rather take it
because the price of gas and toll keeps rising;
almost as if the people in charge don’t see the wrongs in it
or the people on the trains don’t understand
that there is no point in complaining

or fighting over the bumping from the overcrowding
because NYC transit is for the general public

and not some personal chauffer thing
and we are all in this
together. So please respect

the next man that is on it

because then we truly invest in the NYC transit

making it a better commuter instrument

for the entire ridership.

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