Sunday, April 29, 2012

Y is for Yes

What a way to propose?

It was my cousin’s baby shower. Pretty soon, she will be blessed with a new baby.

Many family and friends gathered to celebrate her soon-to-be motherhood with her. For me, it was a drive out to Philadelphia from NYC, but it was worth it. She has a wonderful persona and I consider her good people.

Lots of food and drink were spread out for her guests. Games were played and then it came time for the opening of the gifts. 

There were beautifully wrapped presents and cute bags holding items that might be useful for the baby. Finally, it came down to opening the last gift.

As she unwrapped it, the item she held before her looked like a picture frame or something. All of a sudden my cousin screamed and dropped to the floor crying. 

I can only imagine a memory like that of her being proposed to, being something as classical as Beethoven’s Fur Elise; it lives like a song with climactic harmony to the heart that never dies. The wrapped gift was a picture frame with the words "will you marry me" beneath the glass and written over a shirt made for an infant.
It must have been like a moment of disbelief for my cousin to see him slip that ring on her finger. It was as sweet as Quincy Jones's Slow Jams being performed right before our eyes by Babyface and Tamia; we witnessed a display of true romance right there in our faces. It was beautiful to watch.

As tears flowed down her eyes, “yes” spit out her mouth and it was official. They were on their way to marriage-hood. We were happy not only for the baby on its way, but now also for an engagement.

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