Monday, April 30, 2012

Z is for As Deep as the Zambezi

Music flows like water through me
As deep as the African waters known as the Zambezi
Instrumentation and melody make me want to sing
Vocally climb scrapers like a James Weldon Johnson string
Belt my voice out like the diva, Leontyne Price
Fall into the cadenzas of Blues in the night
Bop to the tunes once played on New York's 98.7 Kiss
Dine to sounds of classical tunes and a glass of Chablis
Dance the night away to the Haitian group Carimi
Pump up the volume and electric slide through Radio City
Jump in the ocean of instrumentation and swim in musical ecstasy
Imitate and sing the trumpet calls of Dizzy Gillespie
I bop to it as if music rings throughout my pores
Even when not listening, it seems to escape my shores
And it echoes without helping just out of the blue stroke
It feels like love when I can jump into the stacked instrumental slopes
Zesty are the tunes that play and rock from Celia Cruz
They amplify out of my Beringher Truths
I get inspired with pen and pad to scribe a lyric or verse
Sometimes I write to the point of tears because my own words hurt
And listen back to hear vocals by Deniece Williams
And scats by Sarah Vaughn and Rachelle Ferrell’s whistles
And oh how inspired by the soulfulness of Stevie Wonder
So many songs I love that make me want to cover
Here as my last AtoZchallenge blog post
On the topic of music which is what I love the most
It was hard, but not harder than a Verdine White bass line
Yet as beautiful as a Royal Philharmonic Orchestra musical incline
Yes, music flows like water through me
As deep as the African waters, known as the Zambezi

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