Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bring your A Game

When you are out there expected to do your darndest, sometimes you just have to bring the winning attitude to do a good job.

I will call this the A game. It is when you want to make the most out of your experiences and also have fun doing it.

It is getting into warrior pose ready to win races in life, when the world calls on you to be a champion.

It is using your legs to run through any and all obstacles showing the world that you are strong and capable of doing any and all things.

You bring your A game because you are just that type of person; genuine, beautiful and willing to take on challenges. You are an athlete with the determination to became a victor.  You are simply ready to roll with the punches because that is who you are; brave, strong and ready for the world.

Consider a Zumba class. The instructor is doing all these crazy moves. At first, you think you get it because the steps seem simple.  But then, she starts to increase the tempo and the impact and you start to lose your step and your footing.  You bring your A game when you keep moving to the beat, even if you do not get the step but to simply participate in the hi-lo exercise component of the class. Plus, while you are keeping your feet moving,  you get a great workout and some enhancements in your dance moves.

When you bring your A game, you come with an immediate goal; to follow through. The experience is phenomenal.  Sure it is you who is out there competing for the trophies, titles, championships or simply just the thrill, but it is the eyes watching who see, get so happy at the accomplishment and water tears of contentment from their eyes, that flow like a waterfall just because.

When you bring you’re A game, you bring enough attitude and energy to do a good job. You are a champion in your own right.

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