Tuesday, May 8, 2012

D is For Different Now

Every now and then,
a lyrical flow hits me.
Every now and then.
words just pass through me.

So I let them out on paper until the storm is done.
This one here is about a situation;
about a past love.
We used to be tighter
than a hand in a glove
until suddenly,
our romance got broken up.

Tears fell and things changed
Nothing was the same
because I missed him in my life.

Yet still we put out the burning flame.

We spent years together
until that one night

when he came into my door

and showed me his true light.
But after hurt and pain was gone, I realized
that I'm a strong, smart and pretty girl

and that he may have been my once
but not the only man in the world.

And when that thought came to mind
new love entered my life
and that’s when he decided to try to come back in;
his ideas and attitude seemed so interesting then.
So this song came about
with my past in my mind
and also because my boy, drummer Armand Collins

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had a beat he let me try.

So to his beat I added a bass line,

some lyrics, a short rhyme, singing and harmony
Everything is Different Now is the name of it
Like Rakim would say, please, “check out my melody.”
If you want to support my music,  find it here on Itunes

Produced by Armand; As for me, I wrote the lyrics and Co-produced.

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