Monday, May 7, 2012

E is for Exercise Dancing

Katherine Dunham in dance mode
from FountainheadTanzTheatre's Website
I tend to think that I am somewhat of a dancer. I mean, I am no Katherine Dunham, but I know how to move somewhat when the music is right. I like to dance. I can’t keep still when I hear something sweet to my ears. Plus, dancing is fun and just adds a lot of positive energy to my day. 

My friend recently told me about a Zumba class that she started taking at the gym. Eventually, I am going to try to make it there once the school semester is over, but while it is still ongoing, I do not always have time to make it.

That was the case today. So decided to take matters into my own hands and utilize my Nintendo Wii while it is still working.  I was dancing with the stars without even sitting down in front of the television being lazy and watching the ABC show; though I love the show, vote for my favorites on the usual and see some great dancing on there. I think Cheryl and her partner William might take it this year, but have some competition with Maria and Derek  making dancing look like beautiful art. I  got one of the Dancing With the Stars DVDs to try and do some of their dance workouts and routines  every once in a while which is also a really great exercise tool.  
I tried the Wii game Just Dance 1 before, but never tried Just Dance 2 until today.  I absolutely love it. It has a lot more musical selections than the former and the dancing is so intense.

I thought I was a great dancer before until today when I couldn’t keep up with the dance moves. I mean, when I am singing and get on stage, I don’t like to just stand there; I dance.
To add to that, I take a Hi/Lo Aerobics class at my Bally’s Fitness and it is an intense class that involves dancing and I really move in there. My instructor’s voice constantly screaming out “energy” keeps me going. With that in mind, I thought I’d be able to survive this Nintendo game and found out that it is even harder than the Michael Jackson for Wii.
I tend to add a teaspoon more energy than is needed. Consider someone who when first finding out about Abs, Buns, and Legs of Steel, did all three programs back to back without resting. I could hardly move that day after the workout was over, but boy did I feel great while doing the workout.

I think maybe when Just Dance 2 told me I met my target goal for the day that it was meant for me to stop. But I kept going a little longer and found more songs I loved. And so, I kept on  dancing some more to songs like Proud Mary, Crazy in Love, S.O.S., Hey Ya and I Want You Back and had an awesome time doing it.

My bones and muscles might be saying a different story, but it is my own fault for not stretching. Exercising with dance requires the same stretching and warmup format you would do prior to running to keep from pulling muscles or hurting your bones; even if it is just a game.

Dancing overall is a great workout. It is cardio, so is excellent to get that heart pumping. I got my body moving and felt like I was on the dance floor. 

It is not necessary however, to invest in an expensive platform just to get exercise dancing. You could simply turn on the radio to your favorite station or put on some of your favorite upbeat songs and just dance until the break of dawn. Or maybe you could put the popcorn down, get up and try to imitate the dance moves of the instructors and their partners on Dancing with the Stars, while it is on. 

Dancing is fun when done with groups, family and friends or even on the solo tip. If you want to exercise dancing, there is nothing stopping you. I mean, who doesn’t know how to do what Marcia Griffiths was singing about in her song Electric Slide. Don't get me wrong but can't that dance be done to any song? I think I am the pro at that dance. Check out my cover version of it performed at a 90th birthday party. 

If the elderly (85 and up) in the video can move to the beat well and without getting tired at all, I have absoloutely no excuse. But that is not the only line dance that gets you moving. I love the dance called the bus stop too. And the Cha Cha slide is pretty cool.  I know there are more and more created every day that I might not be totally hip to, but any dance will work; as long as it gets your body moving and your heart pumping.

Now I know that with cardiovascular workouts, one does not lose weight but inches. Still, I think I lost about a ton of stress. I am in happy zone and that is what dancing can do; add a little sugar to your day. Your heart will thank you later.

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