Thursday, May 3, 2012

F is for Fresh 16

I missed a couple of letters from the AtoZchallenge that I took part in during the month of April. It was a great challenge for bloggers to find some kind of inspiration to write something everyday. For me, it was beneficial because my major in college is English. I have hopes to become a writer someday and so any writing prompt is a good push for me. 

I started about a week late at G and missed A to F and decided hey, why not let those letters give me inspiration to write also. And so I intend to go backwards with the letters that I missed starting with F.

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F is for a song I wrote called Fresh 16. I wrote the lyrics and my boy Derrick “D-Rod” Smith wrote the track.

Defined, a Fresh 16 is a musical sequence of 16 bars. With 16 bars a writer, singer or musician can create about a verse of music. This song is literally talking about connecting with someone and doing somewhat of a musical compilation. What becomes of it is love or a melody and song.

I write a lot about music because that is my first love. I can relate music to that passionate feeling of love and it seems just right.

This song was created at D-Rod’s studio out in Babylon, Long Island.  I was not driving at the time so for me to take an hour and a half train ride out there every single week was a big deal for me. D-Rod is a brilliant producer and I appreciate how much he is into what he does. He has some pretty dope tracks and it was he who first ever gave me the opportunity to record anything. We used to have sessions every Sunday, work literally from sunrise to sunset, and put together two or three songs each session. Those were great times. Fresh 16 is just one of the many songs we completed together.

Download it on ITUNES. Here is the Link: Link to Fresh 16 On ITUNES


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  2. Thank you Fitra. I appreciate that.