Wednesday, May 30, 2012

God Made It Happen

My friend has a creative musical project idea that he wants to start and invited me to be a part. And so I prepared myself to get into the swing of things at his studio.
While music was on the agenda, our conversation turned to the ups and downs of life, biblical passages, church, our experience and the wonder of God. Life is not easy. We sometimes find ourselves high on life; finding our way easy and being blessed with abundant flow. Things are good and we smile and walk around like the world was our own. But then what if? 

What if we find ourselves at the lowest point unexpectedly? How do we handle situations in our life that will make us do things we never, ever thought life would bring? When things are down, it seems almost as if life is over. How many times can we say that we've wondered why, cried, started to doubt and feel down in spirit or wished we weren't even alive to be a part of our mess?

Realize that we must invite God into our storms to perform miracles in our lives that we have yet to receive. We must remember to not only praise God when things are good but when they are bad also. God is an awesome God and even when we do not understand why God uses us in the ways that he does, many times it is simply because he wants us to include him in our hearts, acknowledge and worship who he is and bless and thank him for all he has done and will do; the things that we often overlook.
Rohan strummed his guitar and I was inspired to sing the testimonies that were present in our conversation and something amazing happened to me that never happened before.
I had been struggling with the ability to let my words unravel when it came to adding my own intentions and heart into praying to the Lord. I would go to prayer services and stumble over my words always wanting to say the right thing, but never really getting into the groove of really saying it. I was good at writing them down though and reciting what I’d written. I know the “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” Glory Be,” but never was able to say my own words and pray my own intentions as freely as I would have liked, until it happened; without writing it down but to the sweet guitar strokes my friend played.
I have been inspired in my past by pastors or ministers as they preached their words, to write them in musical format. I have looked in the bible and found passages that really spoke to me that I thought would be great to share with others musically. But never had I been able to simply just be free with my own spirit. 

Finally, the spiritual growth I had been seeking to set myself free from my own self has arrived. I found myself very much inspired. “God Made it Happen.”  

I pray that it blesses someone today in their own life journey.

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