Friday, May 25, 2012

The Classical Flower Power

I love taking pictures. I wouldn’t call myself the professional photographer, but I think I have a good eye for photography. My favorite images to capture are flowers.  I walk down the streets of New York City and I see a beautiful flower and feel obligated to take a picture. Or I see a beautiful bouquet of flowers and there it is, something beautiful worth capturing. 

I guess sometimes, you can call me the one with nature girl. Okay, maybe I  am not someone who loves it so much that I would belt out an aria like Diva, Maesha Brueggergosman singing, "Nature, The Gentlest Mother," but I can say that I appreciate the beauty of it. Here are just some of the flower images I’ve taken in the past couple of weeks.

Now I love bouquet's, but there is something unique about the individual flower that makes it beautiful, like this one.  I like to capture images in angles.  The color at the edges of this rose is so pretty. The site of them adds this sentimental joy to my heart, even when they are not bouquets that I can claim are my own; though blessed to see the many that I did before my eyes.

During lunch time one day, I decided to take a nice walk through Battery Park and this was peeking out of one of its many bushes.  I like the way that it stands out.  Seeing nature before my eyes was almost as refreshing as listening to Beethoven's Fur Elise.  Very nice thing to see that can change the outlook of a day, like it did mine.

I captured this in a morning stroll through Manhattan.  I love the colors inside of the petals. The color adds definition to the flower like Cecilia Bartoli's voice adds definition to instrumental music. I was trying to make sure the color scheme of it was not distorted through picture taking or the editing of it.  Flowers are beautiful like art. There is a plethora of these flowers sitting pretty across from Ground Zero. I mean, what a place to be. But of all the bad things you could think about while in that particular area, these actually bring on a smile and I love that.

I couldn't help myself. I remember getting fresh bouquets of roses from my ex-boyfriend of five years at least once a month and I saw these on my coworkers desk and felt obligated to snap shot away. The bouquet was nice. The rose in this image that stands alone however is as beautiful as Handel's Gloria in Excelsis Deo; classically flavored. 

I love bouquets. I love flowers. In a sense I guess it is because like flowers, we are all growing with our thorns and all, trying our best to face the sun without hiding our beauty. While sometimes we try to mask who we are and what we have, we also sometimes try to make our individual beauty grow; like talent.

It's hard to explain, but I am just finding this true appreciation for the beautiful works of God. Like the amazing work he put into building the artists that made me want to blossom as a singer; Whitney Houston is just one of the many who made classics.

Besides taking pictures, I also like to make collages. The following youtube slide I created using computer based collages made with powerpoint and also other captured images, features a snippet of a rough draft of my original song, "I Appreciate," written as a tribute. I produced it in my little studio in Brooklyn, NY. If you get a chance, check it out. 

As usual, I am also seeking feedback on my music which when watered, helps me to sprout. I acknowledge that my ear may not be like yours and that perhaps what you say, might be the right amount of sunlight needed to add color to my petals. Whether good or bad, I appreciate your input. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the picture of the yellow rose. Hope we see more of your photographs.

    1. Thank you! I am always taking pictures, so I will make sure to post more. :)

  2. Yesterday evening, I went to the park to walk and ended up taking a few pictures of flowers. I am not a photographer at all and only took the camera to the park to take a few photos of my children. The pictures came out very pretty and that is because the subject matter (flowers) are so beautiful.
    I liked the video. Nice song also.

    1. Then we definitely share something in common. I love flowers. I tend to carry a camera with me just in case I see something that I can take a picture of, but the camera on my phone works wonders. Hope you had an awesome time at the park. Thanks for watching and commenting on my song.