Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A is for Aladdin

When I was a little girl, Disney put out this motion picture that has remained my favorite ever since; Aladdin.

I absolutely love it. Aladdin has a great storyline, is action packed and the music is wonderful. I know almost the entire script and the soundtrack word-for-word. Even until today, I can literally sit down and watch Prince Ali and Jasmine mesh on the screen undividedly.

I guess even for a cartoon, a love story of that sort is great. But my favorite movies are not just love stories. The film I love the most is The Sound of Music. I love the content of it and the music. Perhaps seeing Julie Andrews sing could have been that spark that made me love music and also singing.
Other favorites of mine are Die Hard II, Stormy Weather featuring Lena Horne and I absolutely love Coming to America with Eddie Murphy’s silly demeanor. I guess you can say they all have love involved in the movie. Even in Die Hard II, Bruce Willis was trying to stop the bad guys to make sure the plane that his wife was on, landed okay. Die Hard II didn’t have much of a soundtrack though, but I loved the movie so much, that my sister got me the entire collection.
Aladdin did have a soundtrack. There was nothing like that song A Whole New World. Do you remember it? That was a great tune.
That is something I would love to be able to do; write a love song suitable for a fairytale. I admit; I attempted it once. It was a few years back. Valentine’s Day was slowly approaching. My ex-boyfriend and I had just started our five year relationship together and I wanted to do something nice for him. I like to do things by hand because I like being creative, crafty and I am good with my hands.

Anyway, out of all the things I could have bought and wrapped to hand to him, the only thing that seemed right in my heart was to write a song. And so, I wrote the lyrics to the song I called Valentino, created some tracks and sang my song. I made a collage to  use as the cover to the single CD and gave it to him. 

I was both happy and surprised that he not only liked but appreciated it. That is big. I was even more surprised when my friend told me the song sounded like a song from a fairytale. I could only imagine something like that happening in my life; my song as a part of a fairtytale. But like Tamia said, imagination sets you free.

Maybe one day that dream will come to fruition to have a song featured on a soundtrack of a Disney or Pixar movie, or to sing a big ballad like Whitney Houston would or to collaborate with other great artists and musicians and work on projects that could mean something to listening ears, or to perform my songs on big stages in front of millions of people. That would be something.  I guess that is what Disney movies like Aladdin does; they make you Dream Big like Jazmine Sullivan would vocalize. Aladdin therefore its definitely a good movie to love because it sends a message of hope to all viewers. Plus, it just makes you open your mind to thinking outside the box. What a great way to escape the hard knocked life sometimes.

If God is willing; maybe someday. But I am happy simply to be able to create a song and share it with the world on whatever level it is. That is my purpose. Check out my original song Valentino on Youtube.


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