Thursday, May 31, 2012

A New Hat

It is funny. I was just discussing with a friend that I want to go hat shopping.  When I say hat, I mean wig.

I am getting tired of getting my hair done for a stage performance, only for after the first song for my hair to fall because of how much I perspired. Except, you want to look nice. So what do you do?

The mere fact that I love to sing, dance, listen to music, perform and also have a good time sums it all up; my energy is all rawled up once the music starts and for the rest of the night. I can't help it.

I have also been trying to come up with a new look.  I love gowns but I also love the jazzy, Billie Holiday type look. I just do not want to have to run out to buy something new everytime I am set to perform somewhere. With this economy, it isn't even wise to be buying here and there and everywhere all the time.

Well, I never got around to getting that wig. But, I walked into the store Rainbows and saw a really funky hat and decided to jazz up a simple black dress that I've worn before because I heard that black is a good stage color for singers.  Instead of buying clothes, I bought accessories to compliment the hat.

In a nutshell, I wore my hat. I didn't have to worry about my hair getting soaked and it was great. I think I might try this again or perhaps, truly go out and get that wig.

Here's how the look came out:
The hat has a jazzy flower which I love. Made me want to get some feather earrings.
Covergirl's Ruby Slippers lipstick seems to go well with any outfit.

The idea of wearing a hat with a black dress seems almost
as if it is made to go with fishnets. I love them.

The look made me feel jazzy and I can appreciate that;
Made me have even more fun.


  1. This look is very jazzy and cute! I love it. You still have the Billie Holliday look going on with the flower, too! I am infatuated with the Billie Holliday look, so I love to throw a flower up in my hair sometimes to give my look an extra oomph :-)

    I'm not a performer, but I do like the variety that wigs give. Every time I purchase a new one to add to the collection, I feel like a new character is added to the mix. I'll go from long and wavy to short and daring and never have to worry about cutting my hair or the style sweating out. It's so much fun.

    I hope you get to go hat shopping soon! By the way, Ruby Slippers looks awesome on you!!! Go Diva :-)

    1. I really want one. It's just choosing them that I am not sure about bc I know you can't just pick any old wig right? Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff and swapping ideas. Btw! I'm ready to try that pink one now. Perhaps this weekend.