Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harrah's Atlantic City

There is something about Harrah’s Casino and Resort in Atlantic City that makes me happy to make my way there.

Many people do not know this but from New York, Atlantic City is about a two and a half hour drive. If you take the bus, the bus often gives you a portion of your money back to play in the slots and sometimes a meal vouture. While there, I met a woman in her fifties who was visiting Atlantic City for the first time. I have visited the casinos a few times before, but on each separate occassion, I found something else to like about it.

An Atlantic City trip can be a fun day trip or a getaway for a couple of days. I know many church groups and clubs organize trips there. Greyhound, the Hampton Luxury Lines and I believe Jersey Transit also goes there. Or you can drive and self-park for $10 as long as you stay or do valet parking. The question is, if you decide to stay, where will you stay?

Harrah's is my favorite. The daytime is nice because you can enjoy the dome-top pool which actually resembles a resort somewhere a million miles away from here. The water is always warm, even in the wintertime, which is awesome.  Outside of the pool and on each corner of the room are four jacuzis.

Harrah's is actually not close to the other known resorts like Caesar's, Showboat and Bally's, but the Total Rewards shuttle takes you there for free. Your total rewards card can be used interchangeably in the other three resorts which is pretty cool.

There is also a bus which stops directly in front that will take you to other destinations like the Tanger's outlet, the beach, Borgata and more. Harrah's is like right across the street from the Borgata which also has lots of events to do at night but is not part of the Total Rewards package which means you'd have to get a Borgata card to play their slots there.

Harrah's has an awesome  buffet with great food inside. For an all-you-can-eat kind of place of eat, it is worth the money because of the varieties of food they have.

There is also a pool and fun ground for kids inside on the Harbourview side. Whether you stay in the Waterfront Towers or the Harbourview Towers, you are in for a treat.   

Just the image of Harrah's alone is great. I see it during the day and it makes me smile because it is a pretty building and also a cool resort to stay at. But at night, the view is just phenomenal.

Perhaps it is because on Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesday nights, the poolside turns into a club at night where guest djs come out and spin.  Or maybe it is some of the other bars that have $3 jello shots and drink specials at night.

Or perhaps it is because at night, you can find people from all walks of life on the casino floor trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Or maybe it is the five-star hotel rooms they have right above the playing floors with plush queen sized beds and elaborate bathrooms. All I know is, Harrah’s after dark just looks like a beautiful place to be.  Do you agree?

Friday, June 22, 2012

Poem: Summer on my Mind

It’s officially summer
Can you feel New York City's hot breeze
Coming at you hotter than a crowded train
The sun so hot, it leaves you drained
And that shower like paradise you craved
With an appetite for fresh feels that never decay
And music in the air from drivers in road rage
But the flow of traffic a little better today
Because humidity came and took crisp breezes away
Even by the ocean you feel the heat waves
So hot like Nelly you want to strip naked ‘tween it’s waves
So loved the pulsating beat of summer makes people insane

But I’m crazy for the smell of July days
and barbecue that cooks ‘pon charcoal flame
and the nights when drops fall and we dance in the rain
refreshing to the heart and a joy to be claimed

The summer is here, let’s hear it for the longer days
And for the free outdoor events where bands hit the stage
The season we create memories that can never be erased
and the sun is so bright you have to wear shades
and the kids stay out playing ball, hop scotch and chase
or hide and go seek, double dutch and spades

It’s officially summer

Can you feel the hot breeze

and can you see the beautiful flowers and trees

So hot that from Agartha you see steam

So great you can wear flipflops and sandals on your feet
Just make sure your careful of driving speed

because all the kids are out playing in the streets

Summer is definitely a good time to feel free

Enjoy the season of fun in the sun everybody

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

DCD Collective at K2 of RMA this Friday, June 22, 2012

How many times have you attended a party and found
yourself uninspired by the sounds you heard?

It is unusual for a music lover to feel as such, but that is what

happened when the three DJs that make up the group DCD

Collectives came together and decided to join forces.

The group formed in 2009. DCD Collectives is a creative

collaboration between Debbie Chou, Chris Gersbeck, and

Damien Ragsdale.

Damien Ragsdale
“We have been deejaying together for the past three years.”
Ragsdale said, “our goal is to make music better in New

Annually, Chelsea has a music festival filled with some great

musical events; some free and some paid ones. This year

is no different.

As part of their 2012 summer series, Friday, June 22, 2012 is

Franco Japan Night. The Chelsea Music Festival has been

invited to curate the K2 Lounge of the Rubin Museum of Art

located on 150 West 17th Street between 6th and 7th

Avenues, and from 6PM to 10PM, DCD Collective will be

doing what they do best there. Admission is free so come

one and come all.

If you like beautiful art and are into music, come and dive into

DCD Collective’s deejaying experience. They will be cutting,

scratching and doing exciting things with their turntables,

concurrent with Debussy VI.

One of the things I like to see is a real DJ spinning like back

in the golden days before technology changed the swing of

things. And here we have three.

The energy that will be present  in that room on Friday is

expected to be phenomenal. Can you imagine all the talent

that will be there in the same room at the same time?

Perhaps you will be present on Friday night and we can chat

and have a refreshingly fun

time together then. But if not,

stay tuned for the upcoming

project where DCD

Collective, Dream Street

Studios and Stephany JNote

meet. Coming soon!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So you work day and night and night and day just to get to that place in life where you can say, you scored a home run or you made it to the end successfully.  
I realize it now that life is not easy. We strike out every now and again just to reposition ourselves so that when the next opportunity comes our way, we won’t strike out but make it to first base and maybe even further. 

You get there and you want to be happy. At least you would think you would be because you made something happen that was good. I could imagine Derrick Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and the other Yankees being happy to see their team beat the New York Mets in the subway series this past weekend. Doesn’t it feel good to be happy about something?

Rejoicing For Others

I was watching Good morning America the other day and heard about a woman getting arrested in South Carolina for allegedly rejoicing when her child graduated.  I am not sure but are we not supposed to be happy when someone goes above and beyond him or herself to do something amazing? 
I couldn’t even contain my tears when I saw my little nephew graduate from kindergarten. Maybe something is wrong with me for tears to have rolled down my eyes watching him walking across the stage to get his certificate of completion, but I’m the emotional type; maybe too emotional sometimes. But I think it is important to be happy about something.

Rejoicing For Ourselves

A few years back, I decided to do gardening.  I’m usually the princess who likes to sit around and allow things to be done around me.  It’s no wonder why I have gained so much weight over the years. LOL! But I admit, it felt good to get into the garden and working at it with hope that it would be beautiful at the end.

I planted a bunch of sunflowers hoping to see the results soon. I waited all summer and nothing. But then close to the end of the season, two little sunflowers peeked their heads out of the soil and do you know that I cried. 

I never felt so happy. LOL! And it wasn’t a plethora of flowers across the span of the entire garden like I’d hoped; it was just two little flowers in a small patch of the lawn.  

I think it is important to have joy in your life.  I look at life and sometimes get stuck emotionalizing about the past or worried about the future. But a wise friend made me realize that the past is no longer here and that the future has not been born yet.  Was I a fool to not realize that for myself? How could I not recognize the present for what it really is; a gift from God that you should be happy about.

Being Happy About Something

Today is a new day. I’m not saying that everything in life is perfect but we were actually blessed with another 24 hours, 2880 minutes, and 86400 seconds. How awesome is that?

While we can be grumpy and complain about the things that didn’t go our way, the rocks that were slung in our direction that hurt us and the things we didn’t see, didn’t do, or don’t have, we can rejoice at what we do have; another chance at bat to try to make it to the home plate. The morning sun should be that one reason to be joyful because somebody didn't have the opportunity to see it and here we are, kept.
Lately, I've been walking around with a song in my heart. I am always singing because singing is my first love, but I do it when I'm indoors. The other day though, I found myself bursting out a note in an odd place. I can't contain it anymore. It comes out when I'm walking down the street or even on the train. I thought that maybe it is the crazy in me finally unleashing itself, but I am simply happy to have that in my heart because God gave it to me.  I love to sing and that is who I am.

To pretend to be someone other than myself would not make me happy at all and who wants that? We ought to find a reason to be joyous of that unique individual that God created us to be because God does not make mistakes and he did not make a mistake when he fearfully and wonderfully created each and every one of us.  

Joy is God-given that no one can take away. If we have joy internal, we are set for the road.  If we acknowledge the life we have in us, we can peek our heads out of the soil and stand tall and firm with our faces to the sun. And just think, a simple smile can encourage the life of someone else who is in need of one; maybe even me.  I pray that your days are showered with happy moments galore.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PicPoetry: The Attained Unattainable

You say the goal is unattainable and way too far to reach
It lies across the ocean, wider than the sea
Maybe you’d swim the ocean to get to where it stands
Atop the highest mountain where doubt laid out its plans
Maybe you’d fly above like a butterfly in the sky
Soaring to heights you never thought possible
because of hater’s lies
But then it comes right to you on the dock and in the bay
A ship to sail across it and an idea to sail away
And there you start upon the journey
to that goal out there somewhere
A breakthrough you never saw coming
and now you acknowledge 
that you must believe in something
You learned that faith and prayer alone
are the tools to take you there
And now you trust in favor
because the impossible is near
trusting in God’s words of authority
and decide to neither doubt nor fear
And the unattainable is attained
because you never let go
Nothing is impossible if you 
never pull away from God’s hold
Because he’s got you covered

By Stephanie Jeannot

The following video is a song entitled "Breakthrough." My friend had invited me to her church at Greater Allen Cathedral  one Sunday where Pastor Donnie McClurkin was preaching. He said words that really touched my heart and I jotted down a lot of the things he was saying. Long story short, when I got home,  I assembled those words into a song. The music was produced by Armand Collins. I shared this song with an assembly of people present at a Gospel brunch at Nakasaki Restaurant in Hempstead, NY and this is a youtube clip of it. I pray that it might inspire you in some way.  

Band Covers Poettues

It started with a drum roll

He beat it real funky
with his Jam kit and a swing
he jazzed up everything.
She said “Do I Do”
and the instrumentation fired in.
Corona, Queens
all of a sudden was jumping and jiving.

She came in with her sax
and settled in relaxed
into the stacks of harmonized sounds;
it resonated up to the springy clouds.

She thumped with funk all in her fingers

A sound of perfection that amplified

And hit the heart of Queens, far and wide

In 4:4 time

Music  from back in the days that made you unwind

music with soul for the funkifieds

music that makes you want to bring out your instrument

and jam right there until the music ends

He played his guitar solo

and strummed it nice and tight;
the sound creeped in like a storm of love
coming in to take a bite.
And then I was invited in

and that’s when the singing began;

I love the lyrics to the tune

and the beat that makes you dance.
The song was fun to rock with.

We jammed the tune away
because we love and admire Stevie Wonder
and the amazing talent he shares.

And so we covered his song, “Do I Do”
in a live performance that to the tune cruised
at the event, Corona Family Day
Jamaikit Funky Band played.
Yes, we got a chance to light up the stage
and no playing for us is not just a phase.
Together we grooved like a foot in a shoe
because music is what we each individually most love to do.