Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Band Covers Poettues

It started with a drum roll

He beat it real funky
with his Jam kit and a swing
he jazzed up everything.
She said “Do I Do”
and the instrumentation fired in.
Corona, Queens
all of a sudden was jumping and jiving.

She came in with her sax
and settled in relaxed
into the stacks of harmonized sounds;
it resonated up to the springy clouds.

She thumped with funk all in her fingers

A sound of perfection that amplified

And hit the heart of Queens, far and wide

In 4:4 time

Music  from back in the days that made you unwind

music with soul for the funkifieds

music that makes you want to bring out your instrument

and jam right there until the music ends

He played his guitar solo

and strummed it nice and tight;
the sound creeped in like a storm of love
coming in to take a bite.
And then I was invited in

and that’s when the singing began;

I love the lyrics to the tune

and the beat that makes you dance.
The song was fun to rock with.

We jammed the tune away
because we love and admire Stevie Wonder
and the amazing talent he shares.

And so we covered his song, “Do I Do”
in a live performance that to the tune cruised
at the event, Corona Family Day
Jamaikit Funky Band played.
Yes, we got a chance to light up the stage
and no playing for us is not just a phase.
Together we grooved like a foot in a shoe
because music is what we each individually most love to do.

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