Wednesday, June 6, 2012

PicPoetry: The Attained Unattainable

You say the goal is unattainable and way too far to reach
It lies across the ocean, wider than the sea
Maybe you’d swim the ocean to get to where it stands
Atop the highest mountain where doubt laid out its plans
Maybe you’d fly above like a butterfly in the sky
Soaring to heights you never thought possible
because of hater’s lies
But then it comes right to you on the dock and in the bay
A ship to sail across it and an idea to sail away
And there you start upon the journey
to that goal out there somewhere
A breakthrough you never saw coming
and now you acknowledge 
that you must believe in something
You learned that faith and prayer alone
are the tools to take you there
And now you trust in favor
because the impossible is near
trusting in God’s words of authority
and decide to neither doubt nor fear
And the unattainable is attained
because you never let go
Nothing is impossible if you 
never pull away from God’s hold
Because he’s got you covered

By Stephanie Jeannot

The following video is a song entitled "Breakthrough." My friend had invited me to her church at Greater Allen Cathedral  one Sunday where Pastor Donnie McClurkin was preaching. He said words that really touched my heart and I jotted down a lot of the things he was saying. Long story short, when I got home,  I assembled those words into a song. The music was produced by Armand Collins. I shared this song with an assembly of people present at a Gospel brunch at Nakasaki Restaurant in Hempstead, NY and this is a youtube clip of it. I pray that it might inspire you in some way.  

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