Friday, June 22, 2012

Poem: Summer on my Mind

It’s officially summer
Can you feel New York City's hot breeze
Coming at you hotter than a crowded train
The sun so hot, it leaves you drained
And that shower like paradise you craved
With an appetite for fresh feels that never decay
And music in the air from drivers in road rage
But the flow of traffic a little better today
Because humidity came and took crisp breezes away
Even by the ocean you feel the heat waves
So hot like Nelly you want to strip naked ‘tween it’s waves
So loved the pulsating beat of summer makes people insane

But I’m crazy for the smell of July days
and barbecue that cooks ‘pon charcoal flame
and the nights when drops fall and we dance in the rain
refreshing to the heart and a joy to be claimed

The summer is here, let’s hear it for the longer days
And for the free outdoor events where bands hit the stage
The season we create memories that can never be erased
and the sun is so bright you have to wear shades
and the kids stay out playing ball, hop scotch and chase
or hide and go seek, double dutch and spades

It’s officially summer

Can you feel the hot breeze

and can you see the beautiful flowers and trees

So hot that from Agartha you see steam

So great you can wear flipflops and sandals on your feet
Just make sure your careful of driving speed

because all the kids are out playing in the streets

Summer is definitely a good time to feel free

Enjoy the season of fun in the sun everybody

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