Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Happy Joy Joy

So you work day and night and night and day just to get to that place in life where you can say, you scored a home run or you made it to the end successfully.  
I realize it now that life is not easy. We strike out every now and again just to reposition ourselves so that when the next opportunity comes our way, we won’t strike out but make it to first base and maybe even further. 

You get there and you want to be happy. At least you would think you would be because you made something happen that was good. I could imagine Derrick Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and the other Yankees being happy to see their team beat the New York Mets in the subway series this past weekend. Doesn’t it feel good to be happy about something?

Rejoicing For Others

I was watching Good morning America the other day and heard about a woman getting arrested in South Carolina for allegedly rejoicing when her child graduated.  I am not sure but are we not supposed to be happy when someone goes above and beyond him or herself to do something amazing? 
I couldn’t even contain my tears when I saw my little nephew graduate from kindergarten. Maybe something is wrong with me for tears to have rolled down my eyes watching him walking across the stage to get his certificate of completion, but I’m the emotional type; maybe too emotional sometimes. But I think it is important to be happy about something.

Rejoicing For Ourselves

A few years back, I decided to do gardening.  I’m usually the princess who likes to sit around and allow things to be done around me.  It’s no wonder why I have gained so much weight over the years. LOL! But I admit, it felt good to get into the garden and working at it with hope that it would be beautiful at the end.

I planted a bunch of sunflowers hoping to see the results soon. I waited all summer and nothing. But then close to the end of the season, two little sunflowers peeked their heads out of the soil and do you know that I cried. 

I never felt so happy. LOL! And it wasn’t a plethora of flowers across the span of the entire garden like I’d hoped; it was just two little flowers in a small patch of the lawn.  

I think it is important to have joy in your life.  I look at life and sometimes get stuck emotionalizing about the past or worried about the future. But a wise friend made me realize that the past is no longer here and that the future has not been born yet.  Was I a fool to not realize that for myself? How could I not recognize the present for what it really is; a gift from God that you should be happy about.

Being Happy About Something

Today is a new day. I’m not saying that everything in life is perfect but we were actually blessed with another 24 hours, 2880 minutes, and 86400 seconds. How awesome is that?

While we can be grumpy and complain about the things that didn’t go our way, the rocks that were slung in our direction that hurt us and the things we didn’t see, didn’t do, or don’t have, we can rejoice at what we do have; another chance at bat to try to make it to the home plate. The morning sun should be that one reason to be joyful because somebody didn't have the opportunity to see it and here we are, kept.
Lately, I've been walking around with a song in my heart. I am always singing because singing is my first love, but I do it when I'm indoors. The other day though, I found myself bursting out a note in an odd place. I can't contain it anymore. It comes out when I'm walking down the street or even on the train. I thought that maybe it is the crazy in me finally unleashing itself, but I am simply happy to have that in my heart because God gave it to me.  I love to sing and that is who I am.

To pretend to be someone other than myself would not make me happy at all and who wants that? We ought to find a reason to be joyous of that unique individual that God created us to be because God does not make mistakes and he did not make a mistake when he fearfully and wonderfully created each and every one of us.  

Joy is God-given that no one can take away. If we have joy internal, we are set for the road.  If we acknowledge the life we have in us, we can peek our heads out of the soil and stand tall and firm with our faces to the sun. And just think, a simple smile can encourage the life of someone else who is in need of one; maybe even me.  I pray that your days are showered with happy moments galore.


  1. I Love It.. Nicely Written.. Keep it Up..

    1. Thank you Champ. I appreciate that.

  2. Yes this is so true. Only if we can find joy in little things, then we can truly enjoy great things. Nice post!