Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harrah's Atlantic City

There is something about Harrah’s Casino and Resort in Atlantic City that makes me happy to make my way there.

Many people do not know this but from New York, Atlantic City is about a two and a half hour drive. If you take the bus, the bus often gives you a portion of your money back to play in the slots and sometimes a meal vouture. While there, I met a woman in her fifties who was visiting Atlantic City for the first time. I have visited the casinos a few times before, but on each separate occassion, I found something else to like about it.

An Atlantic City trip can be a fun day trip or a getaway for a couple of days. I know many church groups and clubs organize trips there. Greyhound, the Hampton Luxury Lines and I believe Jersey Transit also goes there. Or you can drive and self-park for $10 as long as you stay or do valet parking. The question is, if you decide to stay, where will you stay?

Harrah's is my favorite. The daytime is nice because you can enjoy the dome-top pool which actually resembles a resort somewhere a million miles away from here. The water is always warm, even in the wintertime, which is awesome.  Outside of the pool and on each corner of the room are four jacuzis.

Harrah's is actually not close to the other known resorts like Caesar's, Showboat and Bally's, but the Total Rewards shuttle takes you there for free. Your total rewards card can be used interchangeably in the other three resorts which is pretty cool.

There is also a bus which stops directly in front that will take you to other destinations like the Tanger's outlet, the beach, Borgata and more. Harrah's is like right across the street from the Borgata which also has lots of events to do at night but is not part of the Total Rewards package which means you'd have to get a Borgata card to play their slots there.

Harrah's has an awesome  buffet with great food inside. For an all-you-can-eat kind of place of eat, it is worth the money because of the varieties of food they have.

There is also a pool and fun ground for kids inside on the Harbourview side. Whether you stay in the Waterfront Towers or the Harbourview Towers, you are in for a treat.   

Just the image of Harrah's alone is great. I see it during the day and it makes me smile because it is a pretty building and also a cool resort to stay at. But at night, the view is just phenomenal.

Perhaps it is because on Fridays, Saturdays and Wednesday nights, the poolside turns into a club at night where guest djs come out and spin.  Or maybe it is some of the other bars that have $3 jello shots and drink specials at night.

Or perhaps it is because at night, you can find people from all walks of life on the casino floor trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents. Or maybe it is the five-star hotel rooms they have right above the playing floors with plush queen sized beds and elaborate bathrooms. All I know is, Harrah’s after dark just looks like a beautiful place to be.  Do you agree?

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