Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stained By My Lipstick (Original)

Sunday morning classics are those songs that you hear on Sunday morning that tend to be so relaxing and rejuvenating, it kind of enhances your weekend just a little bit.
You know the types of songs I am speaking of? They are those classics that you haven’t heard in so long that when you hear them, it is just like a song that you are so happy to hear that you must burst out, “Oh, that’s my record.”
To describe a person as a Sunday morning classic would be like saying that he or she is chivalrous, beautiful and respectable.  There is something about that person that you have yet to find in someone else.  They are unique and it leaves you intrigued; so intrigued that it makes you want to write a song.
That’s the way I felt when I met him. Music was his name and sounding off was his game. He was pure elegance and something about the way he stood there in the light made me want to know all about his oscillations and wave lengths.   It started out as a poem and later was transformed into a song; a love song dedicated to love.
I am on this real music kick this week. I think it started at an open mic where I discovered more and more that I want to sing my originals more and more. And so, this is how this post came about. I am in the mood to do my original music because I am a songwriter and an original artist as well.

This song in particular is one of my favorites. "Stained by My Lipstick" is the name with lyrics written by me, Stephanie Jeannot and music created by Derrick "D-Rod" Smith.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Make Music and Collabo

The things that can keep you with your face in your IPhone all day.
An idea popped into my mind to makeup a song and sing it today. Unfortunately, my equipment has not been working properly with my computer lately. Still I had another idea. 
I decided to turn my computer on anyway so I could play one of the many tracks my boy Armand Collins gave me to use for music, played it and recorded an entire song on the voice memo app on my Iphone.
I was surprised that it came out with such clarity, but it did.
It took me a few hours to complete it doing the hook, verses, background vocals and change. I also wanted to do a video to use this song as somewhat of a promotional/commercial; and so with my Iphone, I used the forward facing video camera and did several takes to come up with something I thought was okay.
Not bad for a rookie I must say.  I can only imagine what it would have came out like with standard musical and video recording equipment. But this only makes what is said about the Iphone even more true; you can literally spend your entire day on it.
I’m not one for sitting on the phone talking, but I do enjoy texting. Then, the facebook and twitter apps are on there and I get curious every once in a while to visit.

I play a few games like words with friends and angry birds on there and yes, they can get addictive. But now, something new that will keep me even more occupied on it. I can create songs on my Iphone just with the voice memo. It isn’t protools but it can sure get an idea down if you really wanted to.  I like that.
Here is the song I created. It is about musical collaborations. Check out the song and promotional video/commercial and tell me what you think. It’s called Let’s Make Music and Collabo.

Monday, July 9, 2012

PoetryCorner: What a Way to Make Someone Feel the Blues

What a Way to Make
Someone Feel the Blues

How do you think I felt
hearing you lash out your tongue at me
telling me all the things I didn’t want to hear
and sending me off to the edge of the world?

I thought of you as one with a no frill attitude;
from the ground up powered up for the long stretch
and made me believe that we were made for music
by fashioning smiles from the way you showed respect.
And so I put my trust in you and my voice come alive
as together we moved forward in a systematic way
stacking up our talents in musical harmony
working endless nights until the sun would brighten the sky.
Who would have thought

there could have been a hidden agenda?
I realize it now that in everything there’s a lesson learned
because in the blink of an eye

I found reason to be concerned
when all of a sudden the tables were turned.   

I wished upon a star one day for a ladder up to heaven
where I’d find the sweetest smiles of musical essence
and there I’d stand before a mic of gold on REMs stage
in the new chapter of this lifelong book and on a new page.
And then I met you and from the point of contact
you made it seem as if you were all about that
and music was our business and we were on this journey
and you made it seem like that was why

you wanted to work with me.
And then I realized there was always something else
and you gave me reasons to start doubting in myself
We had a musical relationship and I was good with that.
What a way to end a good thing

and the blues in my life attract.
and what a way to come to terms that this was all a game.

I realized it when you cursed me out

and called me out my name.
How do you think I felt not ready for nothing new
when the only thing my heart feels for

right now is making tunes
and when creating sounds of music

is what we were meant to do as two
what a way to make someone feel the blues.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

PoetryCorner: The Melody of Heart's Tune

The Melody of Heart's Tune

He played me like a fiddle

and on my puppet strings

used an arrow of Cupid's

to tune the melody of love.

We danced to the rhythm

of never been kissed

with my arms wide opened

and our eyes locked in glance.

As he touched me with his gaze

he built a memory in my mind

that plays on like a movie

in wide screen and in black and white.

He is there in the dusk and the dawn

I see his smile and through the day

though I'm awake and in the midst of others

I remember him and the melody he played.

And his voice like church bells ring

with a bass I can feel from crown to stiletto

seperated by land, sea, mass and sky

It's been almost a year now and I still feel his glow.

Sometimes I want to call out his name

or text a book of secrets to his phone

and others he is just there in my mind

and I sit and imagine while I'm all alone.

Crazy how one moment can change your whole life

and beautiful how the sun rises up into the sky

and sexy is the stringed tune that moved my heart then

and how I still hope to see his smile.

We danced to the tune of never been kissed

and felt so new and gained interest

in the beauty of his character and his musical love

as he played my strings with his impressive touch.

And I felt it, love like never before

For what if and what more if let into my door

because from across the room it was just a gaze

Vision never seemed to exist til I wanted to know his name.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dancing to my Favorite Tune with Rhythm in my Dancing Shoes

Two things that I learned to love as I was growing up, was dancing and classical music. 
My parents blessed me with the opportunity to go to dance school and to learn tap and modern dance.  I still remember the dance steps that were embedded in my mind to perform at the year end’s recital as well as the beautiful costumes that we wore to present our dance moves to the large crowd at Brooklyn College.

That experience put rhythm in my dancing shoes. From then on, I loved the idea of wearing heels, stage performances, and jazz music. I also learned to love classical music by seeing my younger sister dancing ballet to classical pieces.  The music itself was beauty in its own right. The dance movements were so graceful; the vision of it brought pure meaning.

It was years later when I tried to play the chords of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” on my first Casio keyboard. I took lessons from an instructor in Washington Heights that taught me to play it a little more in depth and often find myself wanting to hear the original symphony or desiring to play it on my Triton.

There is something about that song that really makes me love it. It has a romantic breeze to it. The chords are soft and the cadenzas are brilliant. I think that is why you often find ballerinas dancing to it. It has such a wonderful sound to it.

Perhaps it is the man himself who first played it. Beethoven was a genius. I always imagine how it is to live without my senses and to be able to create something so incredible.
He was a genius in his own right even though at the end, many people say that he turned crazy.  But I wonder how it would be to create something musical that I can’t see or to teach something musical that I can’t hear. I think I'd be crazy considering how much I love the sound of music.    
We often complain about the little things when people have real problems. But when you see people like Beethoven who can move through life and do incredible things despite their dilemmas, sometimes you have to find inspiration to move on instead of doing the same old song and dance.  Sometimes you have to move to a different rhythm and pattern instead of complaining about the same old thing because there is so much to be happy for.
While we ought not live in the past being that yesterday is no longer with us, sometimes I still remember the good old times.  The young people at the recital I attended at York College this past Friday, June 29th, 2012, made me remember and I could not contain my smile. It was a pleasure watching youth moving to the sounds of songs we have all learned to know and live; like my favorite song "Fur Elise." The following is a sample of the beauty I saw.  Perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I did.