Sunday, July 1, 2012

Dancing to my Favorite Tune with Rhythm in my Dancing Shoes

Two things that I learned to love as I was growing up, was dancing and classical music. 
My parents blessed me with the opportunity to go to dance school and to learn tap and modern dance.  I still remember the dance steps that were embedded in my mind to perform at the year end’s recital as well as the beautiful costumes that we wore to present our dance moves to the large crowd at Brooklyn College.

That experience put rhythm in my dancing shoes. From then on, I loved the idea of wearing heels, stage performances, and jazz music. I also learned to love classical music by seeing my younger sister dancing ballet to classical pieces.  The music itself was beauty in its own right. The dance movements were so graceful; the vision of it brought pure meaning.

It was years later when I tried to play the chords of Beethoven’s “Fur Elise” on my first Casio keyboard. I took lessons from an instructor in Washington Heights that taught me to play it a little more in depth and often find myself wanting to hear the original symphony or desiring to play it on my Triton.

There is something about that song that really makes me love it. It has a romantic breeze to it. The chords are soft and the cadenzas are brilliant. I think that is why you often find ballerinas dancing to it. It has such a wonderful sound to it.

Perhaps it is the man himself who first played it. Beethoven was a genius. I always imagine how it is to live without my senses and to be able to create something so incredible.
He was a genius in his own right even though at the end, many people say that he turned crazy.  But I wonder how it would be to create something musical that I can’t see or to teach something musical that I can’t hear. I think I'd be crazy considering how much I love the sound of music.    
We often complain about the little things when people have real problems. But when you see people like Beethoven who can move through life and do incredible things despite their dilemmas, sometimes you have to find inspiration to move on instead of doing the same old song and dance.  Sometimes you have to move to a different rhythm and pattern instead of complaining about the same old thing because there is so much to be happy for.
While we ought not live in the past being that yesterday is no longer with us, sometimes I still remember the good old times.  The young people at the recital I attended at York College this past Friday, June 29th, 2012, made me remember and I could not contain my smile. It was a pleasure watching youth moving to the sounds of songs we have all learned to know and live; like my favorite song "Fur Elise." The following is a sample of the beauty I saw.  Perhaps you will enjoy it as much as I did.  

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